What Are the Best Monitors for Video Conferencing?

Technology reviews are becoming increasingly important for consumers looking to make the right decisions when purchasing products. This is especially true for those purchasing a 4K monitor for video conferencing. With so many options on the market, it can be hard to know which monitor is the best for your needs. To help guide you through the process, we’ve put together a comprehensive guide to choosing the right 4K monitor for video conferencing: 

1. Size

While a larger monitor may provide a better image, it can also be difficult to transport and take up a lot of space. On the other hand, a smaller monitor may provide a less detailed image, but it can be easier to transport and take up less space. 

2. Refresh Rate

A monitor with a higher refresh rate will provide smoother visuals and a better overall image. Not all 4K monitors have the same refresh rate, so it’s important to check the specifications before purchasing. 

3. Ports

Different ports, such as HDMI or DisplayPort, can be used for different connections. It’s important to ensure the monitor has the necessary ports for connecting devices, such as a laptop, for video conferencing. 

Technology Reviews and Suggestions!

1. Dell

Dell U3818DW

This monitor has an IPS panel with a 100Hz refresh rate and a USB-C port that can be used for power, data transmission, and video input. Additionally, it has four USB 3.0 ports and two HDMI inputs (one DisplayPort). You can also plug your headphones into the headphone jack and listen to music while you work.

Dell UltraSharp 27 4K USB-C Monitor U2720Q

The Dell U2720Q is an ultra-high-resolution monitor with a USB-C port that is perfect for video conferencing. It has an IPS screen, providing wide viewing angles and vivid colours. The thin bezels around the edges make the monitor look attractive, and its 27″ size makes it convenient to share content using multiple monitors.

This monitor has lots of connections, making it simple to hook up multiple devices without needing to use additional adapters or hubs. It has four HDMI inputs, two DisplayPort inputs, and a USB 3.0 port, so you can easily connect anything you need.

2. ViewSonic

ViewSonic VP3881

Its 4k resolution, IPS panel, 100hz refresh rate, 21:9 aspect ratio, and 5ms response time provide great visuals and responsiveness. Moreover, with VESA mount compatibility, you can easily hang it on your wall or desk. Plus, it has 1.07 billion colors and comes with HDMI, DisplayPort, and USB-C ports for connecting peripherals.

3. LG

LG 27UK850-W 4K

The LG 27UK850-W 4K monitor is an awesome choice for anyone who needs to video conference. This 27″ display has an impressive 4K resolution, so any video will look crystal clear. With its IPS panel and sRGB color space, you can be sure that your visuals will be accurately reproduced with vivid colors and sharp details.

This monitor has a 60Hz refresh rate with two HDMI 2.0 ports, one DisplayPort 1.4 port, and VESA mounting capability, which makes it easy to attach to a desk or wall.


Choosing the right 4K monitor for video conferencing can be daunting. With a wide range of features, specs, and price points, it can be difficult to know which is best for your needs. However, by understanding the features and specs of 4K monitors, you can make an informed decision that will provide you with the best video conferencing experience. With careful research with technology reviews, you can be sure to find the perfect 4K monitor for your video conferencing needs.

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