Top 7 Best Laptop For Medical Residency In 2022

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Medical science has entered an era of technological innovation. In nearly every medical hospital or school, not only in the United States, but worldwide, mobile phones, tablets, and laptops are widely used for communication! The use of the right electronic learning tools will help you learn and do your job more efficiently.

Medical residency is the training period you undergo after you graduate from medical school. If you are a doctor or physician’s assistant, you have to take care of many responsibilities, like monitoring the patients remotely, doing medical research, maintaining schedules, telemedicine, etc.

Working as a professional requires you to juggle your personal and professional lives simultaneously. Therefore, in order to cope with your tasks and to be highly reliable in an emergency situation, you need a laptop that can handle all your tasks.

However, not all laptops are suitable for medical residency. The best laptop for medical residency should fulfill your both professional and personal requirements. In addition, it needs to be portable and compact while still providing optimal performance while running hardware-intensive software. Also, the battery should be powerful enough to last all day long on a single charge.

In order to help you out with the searching process, in this article, I am going to review some of the most top-rated laptops for medical residency and help you find a laptop that’s best suited for your needs.

So, without further a talk, let’s get started.

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1. Asus Zenbook 14

best laptop for medical residency
  • Brand: ASUS
  • Processor: AMD Ryzen 7 4700U
  • Memory: 16GB
  • Storage: 1TB SSD
  • Graphics: Integrated graphics
  • Battery Life: 12 Hours (Avg)
  • Screen: 14-inch
  • Weight: 2.69
  • Dimensions: 12.6 x 8.3 x 0.56 inches

The first laptop on the list is the Asus Zenbook 14. If you are looking for a reliable option then it can be a good deal for you. This laptop is very popular among professional doctors and medical students for being highly portable and durable. At a reasonable price point, this laptop provides all the necessary features for medical residency.

In addition, the Asus ZenBook 14 comes with some exclusive features, such as a powerful processor which can handle any resource-intensive task. It is the AMD Ryzen 7 4700U processor that can provide a base clock speed of up to 2.3GHz. Although there is no dedicated graphics card inside, the integrated AMD Radeon RX Vega 7 graphics should offer you a decent experience.

The 1TB SSD storage you get for the price point of this ZenBook is an exceptional value. As a result of it, the bootup speed would be much faster. Moreover, the combination of 16GB RAM is more than adequate. As a result, the laptop won’t lag even when you have plenty of tabs opened, windows, and Excel spreadsheets.

As I have mentioned earlier, the best thing about this laptop is that it comes with a very competitive battery life of up to 12 hours. It can be a perfect option for those who want to use the laptop all day long without looking for a power source. It is one of the sworn reasons why this laptop makes it to the top of the list among the best laptops for medical residency.

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Moreover, thanks to its compact shape and lightweight design, you can carry it anywhere very easily. Plus, unlike most Ultrabooks other there, you get enough numbers of connectivity ports in this laptop. So, it can be a good deal for you.


  • Long-lasting battery
  • Lightweight and easy-to-carry
  • Includes enough connectivity ports
  • Good display quality


  • No fingerprint sensor

2. LG Gram 15

best laptop for medical residency
  • Brand: LG
  • Processor: Intel Core i5-1135G7
  • Memory: 8GB
  • Storage: 512GB SSD
  • Graphics: Integrated graphics
  • Battery Life: 21 Hours (Avg)
  • Screen: 15.6-inch
  • Weight: 2.46 pounds
  • Dimensions: ‎14.1 x 8.8 x 0.7 inches

In general, it is quite difficult to strike a balance between battery life, performance, and laptop weight. If you grab one, then another will go up. But surprisingly, this ultra-thin and lightweight laptop from LG has really done some magic concerning speed and performance. In fact, it has the longest battery life of all the laptops included in this list.

The LG Gram 15 includes the Intel Core i5-1135G7 processor which offers you the best speed and performance. Thanks to this powerful processor, you can run almost all the heaviest medical and custom-tailored software without facing any lag. Unfortunately, this laptop doesn’t include any dedicated graphics card. But that should not be a big problem for you, because you are not going to do any graphics-intensive task, are you?

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When it comes to memory, this variant has 8GB of RAM, which is decent enough for smooth multitasking. Besides, it comes with a 512GB Solid State Drive. There is also another SSD slot available for you to extend the storage so that you never go run out of space.

Moving on, it feels wonderful to see that LG Gram doesn’t compromise on functionality and durability. It has a powerful battery that can last for about 21 hours on a single charge, so you will be able to do your daily works without worrying about charging. Also out of the box, this laptop comes with a fingerprint scanner, and several connectivity options, including USB Type-C.

Furthermore, it features a backlit keyboard that allows you to type even into the dark hours of the night and enables you to stay productive. So, after considering all the features of this laptop, I think it can be a very good option for you, especially if you have to run around a lot.


  • Thin, lightweight, and portable
  • Offers immersive viewing angles
  • Standard performance
  • Longer battery life


  • Not for intensive-graphical tasks

3. Dell XPS 13

best laptop for medical residency
  • Brand: Dell
  • Processor: Intel Core i7-1065G7
  • Memory: 16GB
  • Storage: 512GB SSD
  • Graphics: Integrated graphics
  • Battery Life: 7-8 Hours (Avg)
  • Screen: 13.4-inch
  • Weight: 6.5 pounds
  • Dimensions: ‎1 x 1 x 1 inches

If you want a fast and efficient laptop for medical residency then you should check the Dell XPS 13 out. The thing that makes this laptop stand among others is the display quality. It is a versatile laptop that can be used for a number of applications, from outdoor activities to highly sensitive tasks. Moreover, due to the higher resolution, the screen can display more items at a time, resulting in a more spacious multitasking experience.

Furthermore, you will not be disappointed with this buddy when it comes to performance. It comes equipped with the Intel Core i7-1065G7, a powerful processor that has been designed to offer great performance, allowing you to work with multiple software simultaneously. And thanks to the Turbo Boost feature of this processor, it can reach up to 4.6GHz.

Also, this laptop comes with enough memory and storage space for you. You get 512Gb of storage space and 16GB of RAM! What an impressive combination, if you ask me. This configuration is suitable for running resource-intensive software along with several chrome tabs at a time. You won’t face any lag even when working on larger projects.

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Medical students or doctors who work on the go will appreciate the portability of this notebook. The micro-bezel of this laptop makes it even more portable than a typical 13-inch laptop. However, the 4K screen resolution and Core i7 processor do affect the battery life, which is why its full HD variant is a better choice. But still, this laptop can offer you up to 8 hours of battery life on a single charge.

Although the Dell XPS 13 is lacking dedicated graphics, it doesn’t compromise on the connectivity front. Along with Thunderbolt 3 support, you get three USB Type-C ports. So, the Dell XPS 13 can be a suitable option for medical residency.


  • Several connectivity options
  • High performance
  • Better screen quality
  • Touchscreen display


  • No dedicated graphics card

4. Apple MacBook Pro (2020)

best laptop for medical residency
  • Brand: Apple
  • Processor: Apple M1 Chip
  • Memory: 8GB
  • Storage: 512GB SSD
  • Graphics: Integrated 8-Core GPU
  • Battery Life: 20 Hours (Avg)
  • Screen: 13.3-inch
  • Weight: 3 pounds
  • Dimensions: ‎‎13.41 x 11.97 x 0.61 inches

If you are looking for a versatile laptop for medical residency then there is no better option than the latest Apple MacBook Pro (2020). It is one of the most portable laptops out there that come with plenty of astounding features. From its thinnest edge to its narrow bezel, the design looks futuristic when compared to its predecessors. Also, there are no compromises in durability as always.

The latest MacBook Pro has already exceeded the performance requirements for medical residency, so I won’t say much about it. The laptop is powered by the latest Apple M1 Chip which allows you to do work faster. Sadly, MacBook Pro models are intended for on-the-go use, and therefore don’t have any dedicated GPU.

The best feature of this laptop is that it includes a 13.3 inches retina display which has industry-leading color accuracy and brightness levels. There are two things that make Apple MacBook Pro displays spectacular a comfortable viewing angle and exceptional color reproduction. Even though the screen is 13 inches, the higher resolution lets it display more things.

Moreover, due to its innovative unibody aluminum design, the Apple MacBook Pro boasts superior build quality compared to other laptops. Thanks to this durable build quality, you can use this device until your residency years or until you graduate. So, it can be a good investment for you.

In simpler words, MacBooks do not come cheap, but they are worth it in the long run. Plus, its premium build quality and compact shape make it an ideal option for medical residency.


  • Portable design
  • Extended battery life
  • Premium build quality
  • Lightweight


  • Expensive

5. HP Spectre x360

best laptop for medical residency
  • Brand: HP
  • Processor: Intel Core i7-8550U
  • Memory: 16GB
  • Storage: 512GB SSD
  • Graphics: Integrated Intel UHD Graphics
  • Battery Life: 15 Hours (Avg)
  • Screen: 13.3-inch
  • Weight: 2.78 pounds
  • Dimensions: 12 x 8.6 x 0.5 inches

The HP Spectre x360 is one of the most impressive flagship devices of the manufacturer that pack the right specifications to ensure a smooth computing experience. Moreover, we were also impressed with how its performance has been improved without sacrificing usability or battery life. So, I think it can be the best deal for you.

Moving on, this ultra-lightweight laptop comes with an Intel Core i7 processor, giving it a lot of power for its size. Its base clock speed is 1.8GHz, but its Turbo Boost feature can boost it to up to 4GHz. And with the 8GB of RAM and 512GB SSD storage, it enables you to perform any hardware-intensive tasks without any issue. As a result, your multitasking capabilities and productivity will improve drastically.

When it comes to the build quality, this laptop features a unibody aluminum design similar to the MacBook. Though it is constructed entirely from metal, it is still relatively lightweight so you can easily carry it anywhere. However, the big disadvantage of this premium aluminum is that it makes fingerprints stick to it.

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In addition, this laptop comes with a 13.3-inch touchscreen display which is protected by Corning Gorilla Glass, so you can use the laptop even in rough situations. Also, it is a convertible laptop, which means you can fold the lid all the way back and use it as a tablet. The tablet mode is particularly convenient for those who want to write directly on the screen using the Stylus pen HP provides with the bundle.

Also, in terms of connectivity options, the HP Spectre x360 is just up to the mark. Plus, HP claims that a single charge can give you up to 15 hours of battery life.


  • Elegant design
  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Touchscreen display
  • Portable and compact shape


  • The metal design makes it difficult to hold as a tablet

6. Dell Inspiron 15

best laptop for medical residency
  • Brand: Dell
  • Processor: Intel Core i5 10th Gen
  • Memory: 16GB
  • Storage: 256GB SSD
  • Graphics: Integrated Intel UHD Graphics
  • Battery Life: 8 Hours (Avg)
  • Screen: 15.6-inch
  • Weight: 4.03 pounds
  • Dimensions: ‎14.96 x 10.16 x 0.89 inches

If you are short on budget and looking for a budget deal then the Dell Inspiron 15 can be the best option for you. It is one of the most popular entry-level laptops for medical residency that comes with all the necessary features. Below, I am going to discuss a few of them.

First of all, the Dell Inspiron 15 includes the Intel Core i5 10th Gen processor along with 16GB of memory, so you can run pretty much every program you might need as a medical student or doctor. You won’t face any lagging issues while performing complex calculations. Even during rigorous multitasking, this laptop will give you a smooth experience.

Additionally, this laptop features a 15.6-inch LED-Backlit display with a narrow border. With a resolution of 1920×1080, it gives your eyes a treat. In addition to producing vibrant images, it also provides immersive viewing.

Coming to the design and build quality, the Dell Inspiron 15 is built with heavy-duty materials that add another level of durability. Despite its affordable price, this laptop has a sleek and minimalistic design. Plus, it is so lightweight that you can carry it anywhere very easily.

However, if you plan to use it with heavy graphics, such as 3D modeling or gaming, you will have problems because of the laptop’s lack of graphics capability. Also, the processor includes integrated Intel UHD Graphics that can handle normal graphical tasks. Well, the rest of the features are appreciatable.


  • Budget-friendly option
  • Nice sleek design
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Highly portable


  • Lacks dedicated graphics card

7. Microsoft Surface Pro 6

best laptop for medical residency
  • Brand: Microsoft
  • Processor: Intel Core i5
  • Memory: 8GB
  • Storage: 128GB SSD
  • Graphics: Integrated Intel UHD Graphics
  • Battery Life: 14 Hours (Avg)
  • Screen: 12.3-inch
  • Weight: 3.53 pounds
  • Dimensions: ‎11.5 x 7.9 x 0.33 inches

If you are looking for a premium-style laptop at a budget price then you should go with the Microsoft Surface Pro 6. However, this laptop is not only popular among students and doctors due to its premium look; it is an extremely portable device and delivers a reliable performance as well. It can be a great choice for those who have to run around a lot.

The Microsoft Surface Pro 6 is an excellent Windows computing device that comes with all the necessary features to meet your requirements. Our list of best laptops for medical residency would not be complete without mentioning the Microsoft Surface Pro 6. In spite of the compact and thin design, this laptop boasts an 8th generation Intel Core i5 processor which makes the device powerful and enables you to multitask without experiencing any lag.

When it comes to the display, the Microsoft Surface Pro 6 features a more improved display than its previous models. You will therefore experience a higher contrast ratio, as well as higher color accuracy. Also, the bundle includes a Microsoft S Pen which can be used to draw on the screen.

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The most attractive feature of this laptop is that it is convertible. By adjusting the kickstand, you can use it as both a laptop and tablet. This convertible feature is very suitable for medical students on the go. Also, it allows you to write down notes in the class easily.

Another cool thing that makes this laptop stand among others is the long-lasting battery life. It can be used for up to 14 hours on a single charge, which enables you to work and study all day long without looking for a power source. However, the big disadvantage of this laptop is that it doesn’t come with any dedicated graphics card. So, it won’t help you if you are going to perform graphics-intensive tasks.


  • Easy to carry and compact design
  • Durable build quality
  • Longer battery life
  • Robust performance


  • No dedicated graphics


With the advent of technology, the medical field has entered a new era. In the past decade, educational practitioners have begun to shift from traditional models of teaching to a digital classroom after discovering the positive effects of technology in education. By utilizing digital technologies, now you can improve your skill and productivity. If you don’t have the right electric device, it will hinder you from achieving your full potential.

Therefore, in this article, we have reviewed some of the best laptops for medical residency. Our goal has been to include laptops from as many different categories as possible so that you can make a good choice. With the laptops we’ve chosen, we’ve tried to ensure they’re portable, long-lasting, and of good build quality.

I recommend you to go through each of the laptops and get the best one that meets your requirements. What you should do is to make sure that the laptop you are going to purchase has all the necessary features. Take your time to review the main features and make a healthy decision.

However, thanks for reading the article to the end. We wish you the best of luck.

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