Why Are Gaming Mouse Pads So Big? (4 Reasons)

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A gaming mouse pad is a great addition to your gaming gear, especially if you’re looking for an edge over the competition. Not only do they provide a comfortable surface to game on, but they can also help improve your accuracy and speed. But have you ever wondered why gaming mouse pads are so big?

Gaming mouse pads are bigger than regular mouse pads because they offer more surface area for your mouse to move around on while gaming. This gives you more control over your cursor and allows you to make smaller, more precise movements while gaming.

I am a casual gamer, and I’ve been using a big gaming mouse pad for a few years now. I can definitely say that it has helped me up my game. In this article, I’ll be discussing –

  • Different size dimensions of gaming mouse pads
  • Reasons why gaming mouse pads are so big
  • And how you can find the right mouse pad size for your setup
SizeDimensions (mm)Dimensions (in)
Small260 x 215 x 3 mm 8.5 x 10.2 x 0.12 in
Medium360 x 275 x 3 mm10.83 x 14.17 x 0.12 in
Large450 x 400 x 3 mm15.73 x 17.72 x 0.12 in
Extended940 x 410 x 4 mm16.14 x 37 x 0.15 in

This is a standard size chart for gaming mouse pads. As you can see, they vary in size from small to extended.

Small (260 mm x 215mm x 3mm): Small gaming mouse pads may not be the best deal for gaming, but they are perfect for gamers looking for a more compact option. I find that small gaming mouse pads are great for travel or if you have a small desk. They are also a good option for more minimalist gaming setup.

Medium (360 mm x 275mm x 3mm): Medium gaming mouse pads are the sweet spot for most gamers. They offer plenty of surface area for your mouse to move around on without being too big or too small. This makes them a great option for those who want a versatile mouse pad that can be used for both competitive and casual gaming.

Large (450 mm x 400mm x 3mm): Large gaming mouse pads offer plenty of surface area for your mouse to move around on, making them perfect for competitive gaming. They also provide plenty of room for your keyboard, allowing you to use them as a makeshift desk extension. I like using large gaming mouse pads when I’m playing MMOs or RTS games, as it gives me plenty of room to move my mouse around without running out of space.

Extended (940 mm x 401mm x 4mm): Extended mouse pads are perfect for hardcore gamers who need plenty of space to move their mouse around. They offer a ton of surface area, making them great for competitive gaming. However, they can be a bit bulky and take up a lot of space on your desk.

There are also gaming mouse pads that come in 3XXL and even 4XXL sizes. These are great for gamers who need a ton of space to move their mouse around. However, they can be a bit unwieldy and take up a lot of space on your desk.

why are gaming mouse pads so big?

As you can see, gaming mouse pads come in a variety of sizes. Comparatively, most standard mouse pads are much smaller. But why are they so big? Well, here are 4 reasons.

1. Big mouse pads ensure consistent mouse tracking

mouse bungee with cable

A gamer’s ability to move their mouse accurately and quickly is essential to playing well.

If your mouse pad is too small, then your mouse might start to skip or jump around on the surface. Also, you may run out of space to move your mouse. This can be extremely frustrating and can negatively impact your gaming performance.

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While playing games like Fortnite, where you need to move your mouse quickly and accurately to build covers and aim at the same time, a small mouse pad would be a hindrance.

This is why gaming mouse pads are typically much larger than regular mouse pads. They provide more surface area for your mouse to move around on, ensuring that your movements are consistent no matter where you are on the pad.

With an extended gaming mouse pad, you can cover almost your entire desk, and you’ll never have to worry about your mouse skipping or jumping again.

2. Low sensitivity gamers require big mouse space

hard vs soft mouse pad for gaming

In shooting games, especially the tactical ones like Rainbow Six Siege, Counter-Strike and Valorant, players prefer to have very low mouse sensitivity because lower sensitivity allows you to make smaller and more precise movements. (Source)

However, playing at a lower sensitivity requires a lot of space to make those small movements. If you’re using a small mouse pad, you might find your mouse running out of space quickly.

As a result, most gamers use extended gaming mouse pads to make quick and precise movements. This would not be possible with a regular size (215 mm x 200 mm) mouse pad.

Regular mouse pads are just too small for low-sensitivity gamers. I tried using a regular mouse pad when I first started playing Rainbow Six Siege on low sensitivity, and it was extremely frustrating. I constantly ran out of space to move my mouse, and my aim was all over the place.

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Once I switched to an extended gaming mouse pad, my aim and tracking improved drastically. I could make the quick, big movements I needed without running out of space.

3. Bigger mouse pads protect your desk

black keyboard - 2

Gaming desks are pretty expensive, and no gamers want to ruin their desks with mousepad marks.

Gaming desks are often made of glass or have a glass top. If you use a regular mouse pad on one of these desks, your mouse pad will slide around. This can cause your mouse pad to leave marks or scratches on your desk, which is not ideal.

An extended mouse pad, on the other hand, will cover the entire desk, stay in place and protect your desk from any potential damage.

Also, a big size mouse pad gives your setup a polished look and enhances the aesthetics. If you have a nice big monitor and a gaming keyboard, then a small mouse pad will look out of place. A big mouse pad will fill up the empty space and make your setup look more complete.

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4. Larger gaming mouse pads can be used as a mat

why are gaming mice so big

Having a big gaming mouse pad not only protects your desk but also provides a surface for your other gaming peripherals like your keyboard, controllers, and headsets.

You can use your gaming mouse pad as a mat to keep your desk clean and organized. This way, you won’t have to worry about your keyboard slipping around or your controllers getting lost.

This concept is especially useful for laptop gamers who often have to juggle their mouse, keyboard, and controller all at the same time. Having a big mat to put all of your gaming peripherals on can make your life a lot easier.

Therefore, gaming mouse pads often come in extra large sizes so that they can be used as a mat. This is a great perk that regular mouse pads don’t have.

Disadvantages of big gaming mouse pads

Despite all the useful benefits that come with using a big-size gaming mouse pad, there are a few drawbacks that you should be aware of.

  1. Big gaming mouse pads are more expensive. While a regular mouse pad might cost you $10, an extended gaming mouse pad can cost you up to $40. The larger size does come with a bigger price tag.
  2. Big gaming mouse pads are less portable. If you’re a laptop gamer who likes to take your gaming setup with you, a big gaming mouse pad is not going to be very practical. It’s just too big and bulky to lug around.
  3. Big gaming mouse pads can be a bit challenging to set up. If you have a small desk, it might be a tight fit to get a big gaming mouse pad on your desk. You might have to rearrange your other gaming peripherals to make it work.

How do you find the right mouse pad size for you?

For gamers, finding the right mouse pad size is essential. A mouse pad that is too small will limit your movement and make it difficult to play your best game. A mouse pad that is too large, on the other hand, can be cumbersome and take up valuable desk space.

So how do you find the right mouse pad size for you? The answer depends on a few factors,

1. The size of your desk

When looking for a gaming mouse pad, it’s important to consider the size of your desk. 

If you have a small desk, you can’t really go with an extra large gaming mouse pad. It just won’t fit. In this case, you might have to opt for the small or medium size.

On the other hand, if you have a medium (32 in x 12 in) to large (48 in x 24 in) size desk, you can opt for a large or extended mouse pad to take up more space. You can even go for a giant size gaming mouse pad if you want.

2. The sensitivity of your gaming mouse

As I have already mentioned, mouse sensitivity plays an important role in finding the right mouse pad size for you.

If you play games at a high DPI (dots per inch), a small or medium size mouse pad should be enough for you since you won’t need a lot of space to move your mouse around.

However, if you play games at a lower DPI, you will need more space to move your mouse. In this case, you should opt for a larger size gaming mouse pad.

3. Your budget

Mouse pads are not too expensive, but still, when it comes to gaming mouse pads, the cost can be a bit higher. So, it’s important to consider your budget when looking for the right size gaming mouse pad.

The price of gaming mouse pads varies depending on the size. The bigger the size, the more expensive it will be. Here is a table comparing the prices of different size gaming mouse pads of different brands.

Steel Series$6.99$9.99$20.95$37.91
Mad Catz$12.99$24.99$55.99$77.99
While the Razer Gigantus V2 smaller version cost $7.99, the extended one cost $37.99 which is almost x4 the price. Also, you can see that the Mad Catz’s G.L.I.D.E. small size mouse pad $14.99 while the XL version cost $77.99. So, if you’re on a tight budget, you can always go for a small size gaming mouse pad.

4. Portability

Gamers mostly play on their gaming PCs at home. But, there are some gamers who like to take their gaming setup with them when they travel.

If you’re one of those gamers, portability should be one of your main considerations when looking for the right size gaming mouse pad. A medium size gaming mouse pad would be ideal in this case since it’s more portable.

Ending words

Gaming mouse pads are designed to give you the best gaming experience possible. They come in different sizes to accommodate different gamers’ needs. But compared to regular mouse pads, gaming mouse pads are often much bigger in size.

I hope, by now, you know the answer to the question, “Why are gaming mouse pads so big?” If you liked this article, please share it with your friends.

And if you have any questions or comments, please leave them down below. I would love to hear from you.

Thank you for reading!

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