How To Clean Projector Lens From Inside

Projectors have become one of the essential machines. They are being used a lot in businesses, schools, government agencies, homes, and most of the meetings are done through the use of projectors.

Therefore, projectors have become an all-one-in solution for both office work and home entertainment. But this solution has got some problem. One of the problems is that after a few days of use, the lens of the projector accumulates dust and the image becomes blurred or imprinted. It creates murky clouds across the image with reduced brightness and sharpness.

Do you know why it happens? It happens because of dust and fungus. Due to the humidity of the air, dust and fungus get stuck inside the projector lens, which is very difficult to remove without proper cleaning. That’s why it is quite crucial to clean your machines, like paper shredder regularly.

If you are one of them who is looking for a solution to this kind of problem, then this article is written for you. In this article, I will explain how to clean projector lens from inside.

So without further talk, let’s get started.

Follow these steps to clean your projector’s lens from inside –

1. Get Your Materials

To start cleaning your projector lens, you will require these materials –

  •  Compressed air
  •  Moisture cloth
  •  Microfiber cloth
  •  Tissue paper
  •  Lens cleaning solution

Make sure you have all these things ready to start the process. If you don’t have any of them then you can buy them from a local store or order them online at Amazon.

2. Turn the projector OFF

Before you start to clean the projector lens, first of all, turn it off and unplug the cable. If you have been using the projector continuously, give it some to cool before you start.

When the projector runs continuously, then it can get really hot. And when the projector is hot then it will be better if you cool the projector down before opening it. Because, when the lens is cool, it is safe to clean and unlikely to break easily.

3. Open the Projector

When you turn off the projector and the projector’s lens is all cool, then it is the perfect time to open the projector.

You should know that every projector model is different. Therefore, it will be better if you look at the given manual. The manual will help you to understand the way you can open the projector correctly.

Usually, there is a latch or button on the projector housing in most of the projectors. If your projector has that button then press it gently to open the projector.

4. Clean inside with compressed air

Now you have to clean the projector’s inside with compressed air. Take the can of compressed air and spray inside with short bursts. Hold the can roughly 3 or 4 inches from the projector so that you can clean the biggest traces of dust. Target the dust you see on the projector first and then move the nozzle around it to clean it off.

how to clean projector lens from inside

Keep doing this for a while, paying attention to the fan to clean accumulated dust. Besides, you should also clean the projector’s housing and remove the dust inside the projector.

It is quite hard to remove all the dust in the projector. Therefore, try to remove as much dust as possible. Also, make sure you are not sending the dust back into the projector. You can use a microfiber cloth to wipe out the visible dust.

5. Remove traces of dust

After you have successfully cleaned the inside, now remove all the traces of dust from the case using a moisture cloth. Especially focus on the fan vent and surrounding area.

This step is very important because the cleaner the projector case and lens are, the more sharpness you will get on the screen.

After you have cleaned the projector’s inside, clean the projector’s housing. Now you have to clean the lens properly. Because, when the lens is not properly cleaned, the images tend to have clouds, affecting the sharpness and brightness.

6. Clean the lens

So, as you cleaned the inside of the projector and other parts properly, now it is the final lens touch. This is the main part of the projector lens cleaning process.

First of all, remove the lens cap and put a drop or two of the lens cleaning solution on a tissue paper or microfiber cloth, and slowly wipe the lens in a circular motion. The circular motion is important because it helps to clean the lens without leaving it dirtier.

Once you are done, replace the lens cap, and have it right in place.

Why does projector lens require cleaning?

The projector lens is like any other camera lens. Therefore, as your cell phone camera or any other camera often gets blurred, so does the projector lens.

But most of the time the projector lens gets dirty because of the humidity of the air. Also, the problem occurs due to dust and fungus. They fall on the lens and get stuck, which not possible to remove without regular and proper cleaning.

In addition, an unclean lens will affect the brightness and sharpness of your projector and make it hard for you to see anything correctly. So, if you are planning a movie night with your family, then a dirty lens can possibly ruin your night.

Therefore, it is very important to clean your projector and its lens.

How often you need to clean your projector lens?

It depends. You should clean the projector lens as soon as you notice any dust or fungus on the lens. Make sure you always double-check the lens’s condition before planning any movie night because nobody wants to enjoy his favorite movie through a blurred screen.

But don’t be obsessed. Because a small amount of dirt will not really affect your image quality. So, try not to clean your projector lens too frequently.

It is recommended to clean your projector lens twice a month to make sure there is no dust or fungus accumulation inside. Also, check the lens if you find something wrong with projected images, or you may find a blurry area. These are signs that the lens is getting dirty and you should clean it.

How to prevent the lens from getting dirty?

Every projector requires maintenance and cleaning. But there are some easy steps you can follow to reduce the amount of dust that gets into your projector. They are –

  •  Avoid touching your projector lens with bare fingers
  •  Keep your projector away from the air conditioner because it can blow dust into your projector easily
  •  Place an air purifier near the projector. It will clean the air before it reaches the projector’s fan.
  •  Always keep the projector’s fan clean from dust and fungus
  •  When you are not using the projector, try to cover its lens with cloth or the lens cap

Things to remember while cleaning your projector

Cleaning the projector lens is not a hard job. But there are some that you need to consider while cleaning the projector lens.

  •  Don’t use any water. Because water could damage the lens wholly.
  •  Do not apply any extra pressure on the lens as it may get scratched and damaged.
  •  It is not recommended to use any fabric other than microfiber because synthetic fabrics can create permanent stains on the lens.
  •  Don’t use old cloth for cleaning the lens as it can damage the lens.
  •  If you can’t clean the projector lens properly, it is better not to open it. Take help from an expert.
  •  Before using any air duster, shake it well before using.
  •  If you can’t do it alone, ask any of your family members to help you in this process.
  •  Try to clean the lens by moving the cloth or tissue paper in a circular motion.


So, now you know the whole process of cleaning the projector lens. From now, try to clean the projector lens at least once a month.

Projector lenses are very sensitive. If the lens gets dirty then the image becomes blurred or imprinted. Therefore, it is very important to clean the lens frequently.

But cleaning the lens is not an easy job. You will need to be focused on and follow every step very carefully. Therefore, if you have no idea about projector maintenance, then it will be better for you to take the help of an expert.

Also, try to use the right tools to clean your lens as this will enhance your projector quality so that you can enjoy your movie night properly.

We hope that we have explained the process in detail so that you don’t face any problems during the process. Thanks for being with Us 🙂

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