How to Hang Projector Screen From Ceiling

If you want to get the most out of your projector, a ceiling-mounted projector screen will go a long way.

You might not like how the projector screen looks on the wall. Also, not everyone wants a wall-mounted projector screen. Therefore, hanging a projector screen from the ceiling can be a great solution. You can retract the screen when it’s not in use and pull it down when you need it.

But the problem is, most people don’t know how to hang projector screen from ceiling.

If you don’t install the screen carefully, your projector screen is in danger of falling. And a fall creates scratches and creases on the screen that ruin the image quality. Nobody wants that to happen, especially since projector screens are quite expensive.

Therefore, in this article, we will take you through simple step-by-step instructions on how to hang your projector screen.

So, without further talk, let’s get started.

Switching from a TV stand to a projector screen is a quite challenging task. But, a wrongly mounted projector screen can prevent you from being able to enjoy your favorite movie. That’s why the first and foremost thing you should consider is a perfect place where you can hang your projector screen.

You should avoid placing the screen near any window or any lighting as the light will affect the visual quality. Also, it would be better to avoid hanging the projector screen near doors or the hallway because you might face a lot of interruptions from your family members. We suggest you hang the screen in a location that is exactly opposite to your sofa and offers a good view from every corner of the room.

how to hang projector screen from ceiling

One thing you have to keep in mind that, your ceiling has to be sturdy to hang a screen on it. But most of the drywall that covers your ceiling is not strong enough. Therefore, there is always a chance that it will crack under the weight of the screen.

To solve this problem, you have to find joists or studs. Joists or studs are frames that support the ceiling. These frames are very strong and parallel over your drywall. So, you have to find these studs to mount your screen.

Do you know how to locate the studs? Well, there are 2 simple ways of finding them –

  1.  Using stud finder – Point the device at the ceiling. If it shows red light, you’ve found the stud.
  2. Using a powerful magnet – Run the magnet across the ceiling. Every time the magnet sticks, it has found a screw in the stud.

Once you find the stud, you are ready to start the main process.

If the area where you are planning to hang your screen doesn’t have any stud, you should look for a different location or install a plank or wooden beam under the drywall.

How to hang projector screen from ceiling?

Now, let’s start hanging the screen from the ceiling.

1. Get Your materials:

To start the process, you will need some tools-

  • Toggle bolts or eyebolt screws
  •  Ceiling hooks
  •  Hook snaps
  •  A drill
  •  A screwdriver
  •  Stud finder or powerful magnet
  •  L-brackets

2. Prepare the projector screen

Once you have decided the area where you want to hang your projector screen, it is time to prepare the projector screen.

Most of the projector screens out there comes partially ready for ceiling mounting. You will notice bracket connectors on the top edge of the projector screen. These connectors are responsible for holding the screen up. But they are already installed for you.

You just have to install eyebolts and hook snaps. Eyebolt screws are a sort of screw with a loop at one end.

Now, start setting up the projector screen. It is a simple process and needs only 2 steps –

  1.  On the top of the screen’s casing, you will find bracket connectors designed to hold screws. Screw the eyebolts onto the brackets.
  2.  After screwing the eyebolts, snap the hook snaps into the eyebolt loop.

If your projector screen doesn’t include any hook snaps, you can find them easily at any electronics store.

3. Prepare the ceiling

Once you have prepared the projector screen, it is time to prepare the ceiling so that you can mount your screen.

Now, use a drill to make holes in the ceiling. Predrilling is very important when hanging a screen as it makes the installation process lot easier. It allows you to determine whether you are going to hit the ceiling joists or not.

If you fail to hit the stud, find out how far the hole is away from the stud by moving a sturdy wire through the holes. Once you found hit the stud, you need more screws to attach to the stud. You can use eyebolt screws or toggle bolts for this job.

With Eyebolt Screws:

If you use eyebolt screws for attaching the screen, it will make things very easier for you. It only takes 2 steps –

  1.  Insert the eyebolt screws into the ceiling and twist in. Apply a little pressure if needed.
  2.  Take the hook straps you attached to the screen’s bracket connectors and connect them to the bolt in the ceiling.

Using Toggle Bolts:

When using toggle bolts, there are a lot more steps. But when it comes to security, toggle bolts can be a great choice as the opened wings brace against the other side of the ceiling.

You will need a ceiling stud for this step as they have a horizontal base and holes in the base for screws.

  1.  Drill a hole in the ceiling large enough to fit the toggle bolt’s folded wings.
  2.  Take the wings off the toggle bolt
  3.  Now get your ceiling hooks and insert the toggle bolt into the ceiling hook.
  4.  When you inserted the toggle bolt in the ceiling hook, reconnect the wings. Make sure you leave around 3 threads space at the top.
  5.  Fold the wings and place the toggle bolt in the hole you predrilled in the ceiling
  6.  Tighten the hook and toggle bolt with a screwdriver

Using toggle bolts for this step may provide more security but it takes lots of time to hang the screen. If you calculate then this method can take up to two hours.

4. Install the projector Screen

Once you have prepared everything, now you can start installing your projector screen.

To install the projector screen properly, you might need an extra set of hands to help you raise the screen. Ask one of your family members to lift the screen and align the eyebolts attached to the pre-drilled holes.

Now simply snap the hook snaps onto the eyebolt’s loop and align the projector screen.

Now go for a test run

So, as you have installed the projector screen to the ceiling, it is time to go for a test run

Start your projector and make sure you are getting clear and proper projection. If the screen is not properly aligned, align the screen. You can use weights at both lower ends of the screens so that it remains stretched.

If you are still not getting a proper view, then adjust the placement of the projector to get an excellent viewing experience.

Things to consider for safety:

Though installing a projector screen is not a risky task, you need to consider some essential safety features –

  •  Don’t let your kids come near the installation area when you are working
  •  If your projector screen is very big, then it would be better for you to hire a professional to install the screen.
  •  Choose a lighter screen while buying. Because light screens have less chance of an accident.
  •  Deal carefully with the hooks, snaps, and eyebolt screws
  •  Take proper precautions while drilling holes in the ceiling
  •  Ask any of your family members while raising the screen or drilling holes in the ceiling
  •  Try to avoid drilling too deep as it might cause damage to your ceiling
  •  Make sure everything is perfect before hanging the screen
  •  When tightening the screws to secure the screen, be careful not to overtighten

Frequently Asked Questions :

Q1: Is it safe to drill into the ceiling?

A: If your ceiling wall is made of drywall and it has joists or studs, then it is completely safe to drill. But make sure you don’t drill very deeper. If you are planning to drill through concrete, then using a hammer would be better for you.

Q2: How high should you mount your projector screen?

A: The answer to this question completely depends on your personal choice. It depends on the throwing distance of the projector as well as your sitting position. But it is recommended to place the screen between 25 to 36 inches above the floor to ensure an excellent viewing angle.

Q3: Is it possible to hang the projector screen on the drywall?

A: Drywalls are not very strong and can only hold and support up to 8-10 pounds. But, most of the screens available weigh more than 10 pounds. Also, they may not be able to hold that much weight for a long time.

Therefore, they may support and hold your projector screen but it is not recommended to hang the projector screen on drywall.


Congratulations!! Now you know how to hang projector screen from ceiling. Hanging a projector screen from the ceiling is not a hard task, but most people don’t know how to properly hang them.

If you want to hang the screen fast, then we recommend you use eyebolt screws. Because it is an easier method and saves lots of your time. But if you want more security then you can use toggle bolts.

Also, if your ceiling is very high or your projector screen is very heavy, then it would be better for you to hire a professional to hang the screen.

We hope that we have explained the process in detail so that you don’t face any problems during the installation process. Thanks for being with Us 🙂

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