What’s the Best Color for Projector Screen in 2022?

So, you have finally decided to ditch your TV and switch to a projector. But now you are confused with what color projector screen to choose for your home theater, right? If yes, then you have come to the right place.

In a home theater, the quality of your projector is going to be the main factor in how good your picture will look, but the projector screen and the color of the projector screen can make a difference too.

When it comes to choosing a color for the projector screen, most people end up choosing white, which is a great option and works well for a lot of different situations. But there are some cases where a gray, black, or silver color projector screen will be a much better option.

After going through some experimental processes and research, we have listed out some of the best color for projector screens below. We will also provide you with some basic knowledge about projector screens that you need to know.

 So, without any talk, let’s get started.

As we have mentioned earlier that, when it comes to choosing a color for the projector screen, people often go with white without researching anything – Which is a wrong process. Selecting the right projector screen color matters and affect your picture quality and viewing experience significantly. Also, the color of the projector screen depends on a variety of different factors, like the ambient lighting, your projector brightness and quality, and your personal preferences.

why does projector screen color matter?

The color of your projector screen depends on how much light your projector is giving off. If your projector is not able to produce enough light then you will need to go with a projector screen color that can make up for that. On the other hand, if your project produces more light, then you have to choose a different color.

Also, ambient lighting is another important aspect to consider when selecting a color for your projector screen. If your room is naturally bright, then a white color projector screen will not do the work perfectly for you as white is more reflective and can cause a problem for the projector to project the picture onto the screen properly. Light-controlled rooms are always recommended for home theater and best for darker projector screens.

So, now you know that each color has its own flaws and they matter significantly when it comes to selecting a projector screen. Also, screen color dictate your projector screen budget, as different color projector screens have their own price range.

Best Color for projector screen:

WHITE: Standard & Neutral

best color for projector screen

For a long period of time, white was the only color option when it came to buying projector screens for home theater and regarded as the standard option. In the recent past, if you were in the market for purchasing a projector screen, you would have found that your only color option was white. Then eventually, gray projector screens hit the market, and then black screens became widely available.

White screens are common and mostly recommended for fully lighting-controlled rooms. Their light reflection ability is so well that it can cause images to be cast on your surrounding wall. Therefore, you will need to have the room very dark to get the best picture. But one thing that you should note is if you are using an inexpensive projector then you may run into issues with picture quality.

When it comes to pricing, there are multiple price points for white projector screens, ranging from budget-friendly to pricey. If you consider higher-quality materials, finishes, solid build quality, and high-tech extras then it can cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Also, there are budget-friendly options, but they may not produce the quality image you are looking for.

As we said earlier, white color was the only option for projector screen in the early days, which means they have been around longer than any other type of projector. That’s why there are more options to choose options. Among them, we want to suggest you Pyle White Projector Screen which comes with its own tripod and even a carry bag.

BLACK: Popular recent Years

best color for projector screen

Black is one of those colors that have become widely popular in recent years for projector screens. If your room is naturally bright or you don’t have full control over your lighting systems, black projector screens can be the best option for you. Because black projector screens don’t reflect as much light as white and they are more effective at projecting the darker areas of an image.

Also, black color projector screens have improved image contrast and bright colors always look a little better on a darker screen than a white screen. For example, if you draw anything on your laptop with a bright color like yellow, it will be quite hard to see on a white color projector screen but would show up very clearly on a black projector screen.

But sometimes black projector screens struggle with bright images which can create a problem for some people. Because bright images create a shimmer-like effect onto the wall. But the problem can be solved easily by adjusting the projector’s brightness settings a little bit.

As black projector screens are new to the market, there are not enough options for black color as compare to others. As a result, these projector screens are quite expensive and hard to find in the budget price range. We are recommending you to check some awesome black projector screens on amazon.

GRAY: Similar to Black

best color for projector screen

Gray projector screens are quite similar to black projector screens and they began rolling out to customers after white projector screens. If you compare how gray and black projector screens produce contrast images, you will know why they are similar. Gray projector screens are kind of the middle ground between white screens and black screens. If you are looking for projector screen color for your projector with low lumens then gray screens are recommended for you.

While gray screens provide a better experience than white screens, they have some drawbacks. Gray projector screens have an issue with lighter spots of the screen and you need to fix this problem by adjusting projector brightness. Also, many consumers complain that they give everything a grayish tint which affects the viewing experience.

There are no screen colors available in the market without any issues. Gray screens can help you get the best of both white and black screens. So, you have to compare them and make the best pick. The price points of gray screens are pretty reasonable than black projector screens. We have chosen the Best Gray Projector Screen for you. Which can provide the ultimate movie theater experience.

SILVER: Expensive option

Silver screens were mostly used during the Golden Age of Hollywood. Therefore, you can say that silver is the oldest color for project screens. It was widely used back then when projectors didn’t have high-quality light. But now, due to some limitations and the continued innovation, the use of silver screens has mostly been phased out.

As we said that, projectors back then didn’t have high-quality light. That’s why, silver screens were mostly made from a tightly woven fabric, such as silk or synthetic fiber as they were excellent for use with low-quality projector lights. Especially, when you want to get a detailed and better depth of black and white images, silver projector screens are always a great option. Nowadays, most silver screens are made of normal matte sheets which provide the same effect.

Yes, silver screens are still available today. But they are very rare and quite hard to find one, which makes them expensive than any other projector screens available in the market. People mostly choose a silver projector screen to experience the cinematic theme of the early days. If you are one of them then go with it. But consider its price before adding it to your cart.

Which is the best?

To answer this question we have to consider the room in which you are going to set up your home theater and some other factors. If the room where you are going to set up your projector screen experiences a lot of ambient light then a black project screen will be better for you. Also, a black screen provides a more natural and clear image than a white or gray screen. Because the light reflection ability of white color makes it difficult for white projector screens to perform properly and provide good quality images. So, it will be better for you to go with a black or any other darker option if you are going to use it in your living room.

best color for projector screen

But many people try to avoid black projector screens for their high-price range. If you are one of them, who is looking for a budget-friendly option then you can go with white screens. If you can control your room’s lighting properly then white projector screens are not bad actually. They are also able to provide a detailed and sharper image with better contrast.

In simple words, when it comes to your budget, it is totally up to you to decide. Your budget will dictate which color of the projector screen you should pick. But as you asked us, which one is the best- then we will say black. Because they provide sharp and high-quality images in a home theater setup.

Screen VS Wall Paint

best color for projector screen

Now you know some of the best colors for a projector screen and which color will be better for you. But there is another question that needs to be answered which is, why should I buy an expensive color projector when I have a nicely colored wall which will do the work perfectly? Well, with projector screens being very expensive, most people have now started making their own screen by painting walls, but this should be the last resort option.

Walls may offer a decent viewing experience and picture quality which will cost you almost no money, but you have to make sure that the wall is nicely painted. A perfect white plaster wall can surely provide you with a better experience. But most walls are not perfect and for projector and creates reflection effect in the full room. In simple words, they have holes, bumps, and probably ridges there somewhere. The lights of the projector will get distracted and you will not be able to enjoy your favorite program.

While on the other hand, a screen is far more superior to a white wall. Because they are specially made for the projector. Projector screens are designed to give you a better view, brilliant highlights, better contrast, and sharper images. They have optical coatings that enhance their reflective properties. Also, no one will recommend you to use a wall as a projector screen for your expensive projector.

So, we can say that in both cases you have to pay something, whether it can be the money or it can be your overall viewing experience. And the whole point of a projector is to give you a better viewing experience than you get on a TV. Therefore, compromising the viewing experience, in this case, makes no sense. If you want to get the full juice out of your projector, then go with a projector screen.

Frequently Asked Questions :

Q1: Why black projector screens are so expensive?

A: As we already discussed in the article, black projector screens have become popular in recent years. Therefore, it does not have more options available in the market. Also, they provide improved and sharp image contrast than other screens. These make black screens more expensive than others.

Q2: Where should I place my projector screen for a better viewing experience?

A: The answer to this question totally depends on your personal preferences. But make sure you get a good viewing experience and the screen isn’t very low or high. You can sit down and test from different angles and heights. We recommend you mount the projector screen in your living room at eye level where you have full control over the lightings.

Q3: Can you recommend to me some of the best projector screens?


A good projector screen can enhance your overall viewing experience. It is a must for you if you want to enjoy your leisure time properly. But a projector screen’s color will dictate the overall picture quality of a projector. Therefore, all you have to decide is what color projector screen will be best for you.

When it comes to choosing the best color for projector screen, it depends on some factors that you should consider, like the brightness of your projector, the ambient lighting, and your personal preference.

In this article, we have considered all these factors and listed the 4 best color for projector screens for you. Then after going through different experiments and user reviews we declared black projector screens as the best. But you can consider white projector screens if your budget is low.

Hope you got all the information that you require. Thanks for being with us 🙂

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