Why Do Pro Gamers Wear Earbuds And Headphones?

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Gamers often accidently click the DPI button during intense gameplay, which ruins their match and they can’t continue playing unless they fix it. Also, when they try to configure the DPI settings in-game, most of the times it goes wrong.

Therefore, gamers always prefer to disable the DPI button when they are gaming. Also, people who don’t change their DPI frequently keep their mouse DPI button in order to avoid unwanted DPI switch while working.

In this article, I have described how to disable DPI button using software. If you follow the process step-by-step, you will be able to stop your mouse DPI button from working any longer.

Here are five main reasons for using earbuds and headphones –

1. Better Listening to in-game sound

Though the DPI button is very useful, it can also be pretty annoying. Just imagine you are middle of a match and accidently press the DPI button. It is enough to ruin your match.

Also, it doesn’t always result in positive when you try to configure the mouse DPI in-game. Most of the times it goes wrong and you get stuck at the middle of the game.

Therefore, to avoid interferences during match, most players prefer using the software to set correct DPI settings and then disable the DPI button on the mouse. It is not the best solution but it works well.

If you are also facing the same problem then you should also disable your mouse DPI button. Don’t worry, we will show you how to do that in the next section of the article.

2. Avoid crowd noises

Playing in a live gaming event is quite challenging for professional gamers. They are continually irritated by the roaring crowd noise. The audience goes crazy when it is a battle royale game like Fortnite and PUBG or a team deathmatch style game like CS: GO.

The audience keeps cheering their favorite team or yelling when something major happens, which destruct the gamers from focusing on the game. If you have ever been to a live gaming event then you would know what I am talking about.

In this case, players have to figure out a way to block out the crowd noises and concentrate on the game they are playing. Therefore, they wear an extra set of over-ear headphones that block the noise and help the in-ear earbuds transmit all in-game sounds to your ears.

Also, many gamers use over-ear headphones that feature active noise cancellation. It uses the microphone of the headphones and detects the noise frequency, then produces an opposite sound wave of the same frequency to block the unwanted noises.

3. Block Out commentators' noises

When it comes to casting, traditional sports and eSports are quite similar. Casters talk about analytics and strategies in the match to entertain the audience.

They bring a match to life and keep viewers engaged with the match. They are filled with energy and excitement as they talk continuously without any break and make funny sounds to entertain the audience. They can even make boring gameplays exciting with their talking skill.

In simple words, casters play an important role to bring a high amount of energy to the event, but it may create a bit of a problem for the gamers. Playing with all these sounds, along with a raging crowd is quite impossible for a gamer.

Therefore, when pro gamers attend a LAN tournament, they prefer wearing a set of noise-canceling headphones over the earbuds to avoid these unwanted sounds.

4. Better Team Communication

One of the most common reasons why pro gamers wear both earbuds and headphones is for better team communication. The outer headphones eliminate all unwanted sounds and let you hear your teammates’ calls.

It helps the gamers so much as it is very crucial to maintain proper communication while gaming. Wearing extra pair of headphones helps the gamers to navigate the landscape and locate enemies more effectively. While poor communication can result in bad team performance and wrong rotation.

In addition, there are so many gamers who don’t play at LAN tournaments but wear secondary headphones over earbuds to get a clear sound of teammates. And better communication leads the team to success.

5. Avoid Staff and other gamers' noises

There are hundreds of players compete against each other in a gaming tournament. In this situation, it is quite challenging for a gamer to focus on his own game. Due to this reason, most pro gamers wear outer headphones to avoid other gamers’ noises.

Also, there are so many crew members working behind the stage to make the eSports event work. And there is a perfect chance that their sounds will distract the gamers.

Besides, the movement of cameras and lights can distract the gamers. Casters highlight different players with bright lights.

That’s why it is very common among pro gamers to cover their earbuds with headphones as it fills their ears with in-game sounds and helps them avoid all the unwanted things going around.

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Why Do Some Gamers wear a third headset?

It is not very common but there are some players who use a third pair of headphones during LAN events. They usually choose a flexible headphone and wrap it around their neck.

If you follow eSports and attend LAN gaming events, you might have noticed it. Mostly CS:GO players are seen to wear a third headphone.

One of the most common reasons behind the third headphone is for better team communication. Yes, mostly gamers wear the third headphone to only use its microphone for better quality voice chat. Clean and clear team communication is very important for any online game.

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However, some gamers use third headphones to promote sponsors. They usually wear a headset with large ear cups around their neck which has sponsors’ stickers all over it.

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Is it a rule to wear two headphones?

Big tournaments or events are always commented live by professional commentators so that audience can understand what’s happening in the game. Casters discuss players’ strategies, gameplay style, and skills. Also, they talk about players’ strategic positioning and break down their techniques in detail.

If the players could hear these pieces of information, they might take unfair advantage of them. They could have known the positions of players along with their strategic decisions.

Therefore, at most big live gaming events, it is a common rule to wear two headphones. If any player violates this rule and tries to take information advantage, the player or the team may be disqualified from the tournament.

But, generally, it is not a game rule to wear headphones over earbuds. Most gamers choose to wear two headphones to eliminate all the unwanted sounds and concentrate on the game.

Do pro gamers wear two headphones at home?

When a pro gamer plays games at his home, it is quite hard to know what they are using, unless they publish any video on the internet.

However, according to me, there is no reason to wear two headphones on top of each other when playing at home. Most pro gamers create a quiet environment at their home before they start playing games so that they can put full concentration on the game. Therefore, there is no need to wear noise-canceling headphones over the earbuds.

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Also, wearing two headphones is quite uncomfortable for a gamer in the long run. They even avoid wearing in-ear earbuds or headphones as they are less comfortable.

At home, most gamers like to wear a gaming headset that provides ultimate comfort and audio experience. It also helps the gamer to concentrate on the game.

Does wearing two headphones make you better?

Like keyboards and gaming mouses, quality headphones can enhance your gaming experience. You will be able to achieve better in-game sound and improve your gaming performance substantially. It will also improve your skills when playing multiplayer games.

But using two headphones while gaming totally depends on your preferences. If you play games in a crowded environment then wearing two headphones can help to get better game sound. However, it is not true that it will make you a better gamer.

If you want to be a better gamer then you should practice regularly. Watch pro players on YouTube or Twitch and follow their techniques and strategies to improve your performance.

So, depending on your situation, wearing two headphones is not a bad idea. But you should not think that it will make you better at gaming.

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Competitive LAN events are very important for professional gamers. While gaming in an event, they want to give their full concentration toward the game and eliminate distractions.

That’s why you would have seen many pro gamers wearing two or even sometimes three headphones while playing. It helps them to reduce the outside crowd noise and lets them focus on their gameplay.

Moreover, pro gamers follow different strategies to achieve the final victory. But as a casual gamer, you should not compare yourself with these pro players. Unless you are not playing in a crowded environment, we don’t recommend you to wear two sets of headphones while gaming. One set of noise-canceling headphones will do just fine.

Hopefully, now you know why do pro gamers wear headphones over earbuds.

Thanks for being with us 🙂

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