5 Reasons Why Pro Gamers Tilt Their Keyboard

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If you follow competitive gamers and their gameplays, you must have noticed that they often tilt their keyboard when playing games. So, you are must be curious to know why do pro gamers tilt their keyboard while gaming.

Well, one of the main reasons pro gamers tilt their keyboard is that tilting the keyboard helps them create more space for their other gaming accessories. Also, at tournaments or gaming events, pro gamers have limited space. In that case, tilting the keyboard allows more room for their mouse and gives extra space to their teammates.

Besides, many gamers tilt their keyboard to reach buttons easily and get extra comfort during intensive gameplay. It also helps to achieve better control and accuracy in FPS-based games.

To make it easy for you to understand, in this article, we are going to describe 5 reasons why gamers tilt their keyboard, and then we will also be answering few important questions that most gamers ask regarding this topic.

So, without wasting any time, let’s get started.

Here we will take a little bit of a deeper look at 5 of the most common reasons why gamers tilt their keyboard.

1. Better Listening to in-game sound

In-game sound is very important for a gamer, especially when he is playing against top gamers in the industry. In competitive first-person shooting games, hearing every footstep and gunfire of enemies is very crucial for a gamer. A small mistake can cost them the victory.

Therefore, you will notice so many gamers at LAN events wear two sets of headphones to get better audio of the game. The inner headphones project in-game sounds and help the player respond quickly. These are the primary headphones that gamers use when they play at their home or Bootcamp.

While the outer pair of headphones are designed for a different purpose. These headphones are big and thick enough to completely cover the player’s ear and block out all the noises.

That’s why when gamers wear both earbuds and headphones, they don’t get distracted by the noise and they can listen to every in-game sound and respond accordingly. Also, the outer headphones press the primary earbuds in the ears so players can experience better sound quality.

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2. Avoid crowd noises

Playing in a live gaming event is quite challenging for professional gamers. They are continually irritated by the roaring crowd noise. The audience goes crazy when it is a battle royale game like Fortnite and PUBG or a team deathmatch style game like CS: GO.

The audience keeps cheering their favorite team or yelling when something major happens, which destruct the gamers from focusing on the game. If you have ever been to a live gaming event then you would know what I am talking about.

In this case, players have to figure out a way to block out the crowd noises and concentrate on the game they are playing. Therefore, they wear an extra set of over-ear headphones that block the noise and help the in-ear earbuds transmit all in-game sounds to your ears.

Also, many gamers use over-ear headphones that feature active noise cancellation. It uses the microphone of the headphones and detects the noise frequency, then produces an opposite sound wave of the same frequency to block the unwanted noises.

3. Block Out commentators’ noises

When it comes to casting, traditional sports and eSports are quite similar. Casters talk about analytics and strategies in the match to entertain the audience.

They bring a match to life and keep viewers engaged with the match. They are filled with energy and excitement as they talk continuously without any break and make funny sounds to entertain the audience. They can even make boring gameplays exciting with their talking skill.

In simple words, casters play an important role to bring a high amount of energy to the event, but it may create a bit of a problem for the gamers. Playing with all these sounds, along with a raging crowd is quite impossible for a gamer.

Therefore, when pro gamers attend a LAN tournament, they prefer wearing a set of noise-canceling headphones over the earbuds to avoid these unwanted sounds.

4. Better Team Communication

One of the most common reasons why pro gamers wear both earbuds and headphones is for better team communication. The outer headphones eliminate all unwanted sounds and let you hear your teammates’ calls.

It helps the gamers so much as it is very crucial to maintain proper communication while gaming. Wearing extra pair of headphones helps the gamers to navigate the landscape and locate enemies more effectively. While poor communication can result in bad team performance and wrong rotation.

In addition, there are so many gamers who don’t play at LAN tournaments but wear secondary headphones over earbuds to get a clear sound of teammates. And better communication leads the team to success.

5. Avoid Staff and other gamers’ noise

There are hundreds of players compete against each other in a gaming tournament. In this situation, it is quite challenging for a gamer to focus on his own game. Due to this reason, most pro gamers wear outer headphones to avoid other gamers’ noises.

Also, there are so many crew members working behind the stage to make the eSports event work. And there is a perfect chance that their sounds will distract the gamers.

Besides, the movement of cameras and lights can distract the gamers. Casters highlight different players with bright lights.

That’s why it is very common among pro gamers to cover their earbuds with headphones as it fills their ears with in-game sounds and helps them avoid all the unwanted things going around.

Which Keyboards Are Better for Tilting?

Full-sized keyboards can be very uncomfortable to use while tilted due to their wider size. Besides, if you are short on desk space, then tilting your keyboard may cause it to hang off your desk, and you may need to apply extra pressure to keep it in place. Even it could result in discomfort while playing by pressing against your stomach.

That’s why it is always recommended to go with smaller keyboards as they are much more space-efficient and easier to tilt. They don’t require so much desk space and are so lightweight that you can easily move them around.

Also, when it comes to portability, smaller mechanical keyboards are better. You can easily carry a small-sized keyboard in your backpack for the LAN event or tournament you are going to attend. And thanks to its small and lightweight design, you will hardly face any space issues.

Does tilting keyboard Help You Get Better?

At any part of this article, you may have asked yourself the question that, will tilting your keyboard make you a pro gamer?

Unfortunately no, tilting the keyboard while gaming will not make you a better gamer. However, it might make you more comfortable while gaming, but it is not true that tilting your keyboard will help you get a win in Fortnite.

The only way that can help you get better at gaming is practice. There are so many video tutorials and pro-guidelines available on the internet that you can follow. Also, you can watch LAN parties or tournaments to learn new styles and strategies from the pro players, which could help you master the game.

So, instead of thinking that tilting the keyboard will help you get better at gaming, you should practice regularly and follow top players to learn new game techniques like drag clicking, butterfly clicking.

Should You TIlt your keyboard?

Well, if you are short on desk space and want to utilize the amount of space you have fully, then without any doubt tilting your keyboard can really help. Also, if you find it very difficult to reach specific keys on your keyboard while gaming, then tilting your keyboard can make it a bit easier for you.

For beginners, it can take some time getting adjusted with a tilted keyboard, but you will be able to save some space on your desk for your mouse. However, you should not think that it will help you play better.

Also, it depends on your personal preferences that whether you should tilt your keyboard or not. If you don’t feel much comfortable with this position, it will be better if you keep playing in the normal position because everyone is not the same.

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How Much Should You Tilt Your Keyboard?

If you have a limited amount of space on your desk to place all of your gaming accessories, then you have limited options. In this case, you should tilt your keyboard at an angle that creates the most space on your desk. Make sure you are comfortable with the angle.

But if desk space is not an issue for you, then there are multiple styles and angles that you should try.

Keyboard Tilt AngleSpace Saved
45 degrees1 in (25.4 mm)
60 degrees2 in (50.8 mm)
75 degrees6 in (152.4 mm)
90 degrees12 in (304.8 mm)

There are other various degrees that you can try tilting your keyboard. It will be a good thing if you test different tilting angles and find out the best one that suits you. But if you are a casual gamer or a beginner, you should not play at an aggressive angle like 90 degrees. Everyone doesn’t have to play with a tilted keyboard and stick to it.

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Pro gamers apply so many different techniques and strategies to enhance their gaming performance. And tilting the keyboard is one of the most common techniques most gamers use during gaming to achieve ultimate comfortability. Besides comfortability, it also helps them get access to a few specific buttons.

Also, tilting the keyboard allows them to get adjusted in a short space without any difficulties. It helps to create more room for the mouse to achieve better accuracy.

Although there are many advantages of tilting the keyboard, it mostly depends on players’ preferences and comfort. If a player is not comfortable enough with the tilted keyboard position, he would not prefer tilting the keyboard.

You can test it to figure out whether it feels comfortable or not. But keep in mind that it will take some time to get the actual result.

Hopefully, now you have no confusion regarding this topic.

Thanks for being with us 🙂

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