How To Remove Stickers From Laptop For Reuse?

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Stickers over a laptop look stylish and astonishing. But over time, they get damaged, get discolored, become old, or just phased out. Also, it is sometimes boring to look at the same look every time you use your laptop.

The problem comes in when you want to sell your laptop. You won’t find anyone willing to buy a laptop will full of stickers or has a distorted appearance from its original one. In these kinds of situations, you usually have no choice left but to remove the stickers from your laptop. Since you’re reading this article, I am assuming you’re also looking for information on how to remove stickers from laptops.

There are different kinds of stickers including serial number indicators, graphics card badges, activation code tags, and fun stickers. And laptops are like magnets to these stickers. Therefore, it gets very challenging to remove the stickers without damaging them and the surface of your laptop.

But don’t worry. Because there are some easy and effective methods that can help you remove those stickers without leaving any mark. And in this article, I am going to share a few of those methods on how to remove stickers from laptop for reuse. So, keep reading the article.

You can remove any kind of stickers from your laptop if they are not too old. Also, some stickers are absurd and are difficult to remove. But you can easily remove the stickers that you applied for recently, a month ago, or even a year ago, by following the methods below.

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Also, it is a bit difficult and time-consuming to remove the coated and waterproof stickers, but if you have the proper knowledge then you will be able to remove them.

how to remove stickers from laptop for reuse?

There are several methods for sticker removal. The best thing is, most of these methods help you remove the stickers without damaging your laptop or the stickers. In this article, I am going to apply a few of them.

how to remove stickers from laptop for reuse

If you intend to sell the laptop later, make sure that you are absolutely certain that you are not removing any license keys, warranty seals, or graphics card denotation stickers. Also, before applying any of the recommended methods, please check with your laptop manufacturer.

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1. Using a wet piece of cloth

Before approaching any other method, you should try removing the stickers with a piece of cloth. You can use any cloth for this method but I recommend you to use a microfiber cloth. Take the cloth, put some water on it and make it wet. Then get rid of the extra dripping water by pressing it strongly.

Now, you have to use this piece of cloth to loosen the stickiness of the stickers. So, put the cloth on the sticker surface and rub it gently. After rubbing it for a few minutes, you will notice that the sticker is losing its stickiness. Then you can simply peel the sticker off from the surface.

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With this method, you can easily remove the stickers on your laptop without any cost. Also, the process is very simple. Therefore, It is encouraged to try this method at first.

2. use your nails or a sharp blade

In general, you should be able to peel off a sticker that is relatively new without leaving much residue behind. However eventually, it gets hard to cleanly peel away the sticker as the glue backing separates from the printed matter.

So, if the stickers on your laptop are not too old, then you can simply peel them off with your nails. I would suggest you figure out which side of the sticker is easiest to peel first. Now smoothly scratch the edge of the loosening sticker with your nails to prevent the stickers from tearing.

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Also, you can use a sharp blade to loosen the edges of the sticker so that you can peel it off with your nails. But make sure you don’t cut the sticker. If you cut the sticker mistakenly then it would get harder for you to remove the sticker.

Slowly pull the sticker up as pulling the lifted edge too fast can tear the sticker apart. Also, make sure you don’t scratch the laptop surface roughly since it could damage the laptop surface.

3. Using a hairdryer or air-blower

There are times when you have stickers on your laptop for quite some time, and they are hard to remove. If you find yourself in any of these situations, removing the stickers with a blower, hairdryer, or heat gun is the best thing to do. It’s probably the neatest and convenient way of removing stickers from your laptop.

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Stickers get more durable and harder to remove as the adhesives are used to stick them to the surface. You have to melt the adhesive to weaken the bond between them. This can be easily accomplished by applying hot air to the sticker, which melts the adhesives. Hairdryers are best for this purpose since they spread hot air across the sticker surface.

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Hold your heat gun or hairdryer directly over the stickers for about 30-40 seconds. Also, make sure you use the lowest settings because too much heat can damage your laptop. By doing this a few times, you should be able to remove most stickers without cutting them or leaving any residue behind.

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As soon as the glue melts, remove all the stickers fast. If any sticker remains stuck, you can use your nails or a sharp blade to peel it off from the surface.

4. Using oil-based substances

Another simple and easy method for removing stickers from a laptop is to use oil or oil-based substances. No matter which oil you choose, you can use it, whether it be olive oil, vegetable oil, or petroleum jelly. Adding oil to the surface of the sticker can help hydrate the sticker and loosen the adhesives, allowing the sticker to be removed easily without leaving any residue.

Apply a small amount of oil on the sticker and let the sticker soak the substance. You can use your finger to rub the sticker surface gently. Be careful not to be impatient and hurry, because you will suffer consequences if you do so. Make sure you don’t put extra oil and the oil doesn’t come into contact with other parts of the laptop.

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Stickers with uncoated surfaces and paper stocks can be easily removed using this method. However, it will take time to reach underneath the edges of waterproof stickers, or those coated with plastic. Therefore, I would suggest to you leave the oil on the sticker for a few minutes.

When you are done removing all the stickers make sure you wipe the treated area. Otherwise, the oil may damage your laptop’s surface.

5. Using mild abrasives

Do you know that you can use mild abrasives like toothpaste to remove stickers from your laptop surface? As abrasive and other mineral-based products (even mild ones) can remove the most stubborn sticker residue through friction. You can use toothpaste, baking and, and sandpaper for this method.

First of all mix some mild abrasive and hot water. Then you can use sponges to apply some of the mixes to the sticker, and then follow that by wiping it all down with a clean cloth. The sticker will lose its stickiness and simply get worn away. With this method, uncoated stickers may also be worn off and removed by a slightly damp microfiber cloth.

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However, make sure you don’t apply too much abrasive and excessive rubbing to damage the surface of your laptop. Also, one thing that you should keep in mind is that removing the stickers with mild abrasives makes them crumbled and unfit for re-sticking.

how to get sticker residue off the laptop?

After you successfully remove all the stickers from your laptop, there may be some residue on your laptop which you would find absurd. But don’t worry, there are several different ways to remove the sticker residue from your laptop, both natural and chemical.

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Before trying out the “big guns”, I would suggest you begin by looking for natural and generally available solutions, as this will allow you to avoid spending money on products that are not necessary. Also, you should always start any cleaning project using the gentlest method possible. Because it is less risky. Therefore, first, try to remove the residue with a piece of clean cloth.

Take a clean microfiber cloth and wring it out well after soaking it in hot water. Now use firm pressure and tight circular motions to rub away the residue spot, and after a minute you will see the results. You can even add a drop or two dish soap to the cloth, if necessary. And once the residue has been removed, don’t forget to dry the surface using another dry, clean cloth.

Frequently Asked Questions :

1. Should you remove brand stickers?

Brand stickers are from the laptop manufacturers. If they look ugly then you can remove them and it won’t void the warranty. But if you have any plan to sell the laptop in the future then I would suggest you not remove them.

2. Can you reuse the stickers after removing them?

Yes, if you remove them carefully then you will be able to use them again. Also, be careful not to tear the decal when removing them. Peel slowly and carefully. Also, if you plan to reuse the stickers then I would suggest you avoid Method #5.


Stickers are usually easy to apply, but sometimes it can be difficult to remove them. It becomes more difficult when they get old. The problem arises when you want to resell your laptop but your laptop is full of shredded stickers and dirt. Therefore, most laptop users used to ask a common question that how to remove stickers from laptop for reuse.

But luckily there are several methods that can be used to remove the stickers from your laptop no matter whether they are new or old. And in this article, I have tried to share some of those useful methods that can help you remove the stickers without facing any issues.

Hopefully, you found this article and if you did, please check out our other articles on your laptop. We have reviewed the 10 best budget-friendly laptops that you can get in 2022. You can check that out.

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