How To Use Your Laptop As A Monitor For Switch?

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Nintendo Switch is a gaming console that has been made for one reason only: to get you all the fun of your favorite games, whenever and wherever you want. In a field where Sony has failed spectacularly, Nintendo has succeeded in creating a popular handheld device. Those who love Nintendo’s most popular series, including Zelda and Mario, still prefer the console over other franchises.

It goes without saying that the Switch offers unparalleled flexibility when it comes to gaming. The Nintendo Dock played a key role in the success of the console. Using it, your Nintendo Switch can be connected to a TV or monitor so you can enjoy playing games on a larger screen.

However, there might be situations when you cannot use your TV, or you may not have a TV, like many of us. In that cases, you can set up your Nintendo Switch with your laptop in order to experience gaming on a larger screen comfortably. But do you know how to use your laptop as a monitor for Switch?

You won’t need to worry about anything as this article describes how to use your laptop as a Nintendo Switch monitor. The procedure is not so difficult to follow even if you aren’t as tech-savvy.

So, without further ado, let’s get started.

For connecting your Nintendo Switch with the laptop, there are several items that need to be purchased to make a connection in reality. Here are they:

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1. Capture card

A capture card is a device that enables you to record on-screen content and stream gameplays via PC. It is the device that streamers use the most. In addition to computers, capture cards are compatible with video game consoles like Nintendo Switch.

The device essentially consists of 4 ports that can be used to transfer your laptop’s connectivity to the external system.

HDMI Port (Input): This is the port that most laptops lack. This port is used to connect the Nintendo Switch.

USB Port: There is also a USB port on a capture card that allows you to transfer videos to your device through the USB 2.0 interface. However, there will be a slight delay compared to the HDMI port while transmitting.

A/V In: With this port, a component video adapter can be used to transfer video. If you don’t already have an adapter then you can purchase it from here.

HDMI Port (Output): This port is used to send an uninterrupted HDMI signal to your laptop, which captures it in real-time.

There are several capture cards available in the market but the latest Elgato HD60 is the most popular one. It delivers up to 1080P output at 60 FPS, so you get a smooth and lag-free streaming experience.

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2. Nintendo Dock

Although capture cards come equipped with multiple ports, Capture Cards, as of yet, cannot be directly attached to the Nintendo Switch. This is because Nintendo Switch doesn’t come with a video output port. In this situation, a Nintendo Dock can be helpful as it comes with a port that can be used for connecting the capture card with your Nintendo Switch.

Mainly people use the Nintendo Dock to connect their Switch to a TV, monitor, or projector and charge the Switch. With its power, the Switch console operates much more efficiently than a battery. Even it is possible to charge controllers via the ports.

As per my knowledge, every Switch comes with a dock. Nevertheless, if you don’t have any, you can get it from here.

3. HDMI Cables

To connect your Switch with your laptop, you will need an HDMI cable. Luckily, both the Capture Card and Switch include an HDMI cable in their box. Alternatively, you can use an HDMI cable in your house if you have lost yours. It will work just fine. Or get a new cable from Amazon.

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How to use your laptop as a monitor for switch?

Once you have all the required items on your table, you can proceed to connect your Switch console to your laptop. The procedure is quite straightforward. Here are the steps you need to follow to connect the switch console to your laptop.

STEP 1. First of all, disconnect the Dock from your TV or Monitor.

STEP 2. Then you will need to connect the Switch to the Dock using the cable of the Dock. The process is pretty simple.

STEP 3. Use an HDMI cable to connect the Dock to the Elgato Capture Card. However, make sure you are connecting to the “HDMI Input” port of the capture card.

STEP 4. Now open the “Game Capture HD” software on your laptop.

STEP 5. After that simply hit the Home button on any connected controller to turn the Switch on.

STEP 6. Connect the Elgato Capture Card to the laptop using a USB cable. Normally capture cards include a USB cable in their box.

STEP 7. If all the devices are connected properly, your Nintendo Switch’s home screen should now appear in a few seconds. From here, you can stream or record your gameplay, and even enjoy playing video games on full-screen mode.

Can you use the HDMI input port to connect the display?

In order to use a laptop as the display of a switch, an HDMI input port is required on the laptop. HDMI in port on laptops is scarce, and the majority of them do not have any. The number of laptops that have HDMI in functionality is just 0.01%.

If you want to use your laptop as a monitor for Switch, it should have an HDMI in port. This is the port that is used in order to connect your Switch to a TV or monitor. So, the HDMI port available on your laptop is probably the output. And an output port cannot do the job of an input port.

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Therefore, you cannot use your laptop as a monitor for the Switch. However, you should not worry. This is where a game capture card comes into play. It helps you to connect your laptop to the console.


Playing games on a larger screen is a lot of fun. That’s why there are plenty of people who wonder if their laptop can act as a monitor for their Switch.

In this article, I have shown how you can connect your Switch to a laptop and experience gaming on a bigger screen. You just need to follow the guide to get started, and you will be able to enjoy the full experience in no time. This is the same procedure you need to follow in order to turn your laptop into a monitor for any device that features an HDMI output, such as a PlayStation or Xbox One.

Also, make sure you pick a sound-quality Game Capture Card if your laptop doesn’t have an HDMI in port. Because it will deliver a better gaming experience and performance.

With all the knowledge you have now, you are ready to connect your Switch console to your laptop. Before you start, you should read the user manuals for complete instructions.

Thanks for reading this article. I hope it helped you in some way!

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