How to Keep Laptop Cool in Hot Car – 4 Tricks

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Overheating is a common problem with electronic devices, and laptops are no exception. If you are used to carrying your laptop in your car, your laptop may heat up even without direct sunlight. This is because, in locked cars, air cannot circulate properly.

Overheating may cause several problems to your laptop, including longer-term problems with the hard drive, motherboard, and other internal components if you neglect it. Furthermore, a laptop’s battery could be damaged and an explosion could occur due to high temperatures.

Therefore, you should ensure that your laptop does not get too hot in the car. If you don’t want to damage your laptop, you should know how to keep laptop cool in hot car.

In this article, I’ll share some useful tips that may help you keep your laptop cool regardless of the temperature in your car. So, keep reading the article to the end.

Several reasons may contribute to the heat buildup on a laptop, but there’s one question that always comes to our mind: What temperature is too hot for a laptop?

The ideal temperature for a laptop CPU is 130°F. In Celsius, this is around 55°C, though it varies based on different factors and situations. It will get much hotter if you leave your laptop in direct sunlight or leave it out in the heat rather than if you use it in a room with air conditioning.

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Therefore, it is better to maintain your laptop’s temperature below 55°C, but in normal cases, anything under 65°C is fine. But you need to be careful when your laptop crosses the 80 mark.

However, it is normal for your laptop to exceed 75°C if you are performing resource-intensive tasks on it. You need to make sure your laptop does not run at that temperature for too long. Eventually, it will be damaged if the temperature remains high for a long time.

How to keep laptop cool in hot car?

As you already know, overheating can cause several issues in your laptop, including malfunctioning, component damage, and frozen LCD. Therefore, in this section, I am going to share a few tips that will help you keep your laptop cool in hot car.

1. Invest In An Insulated Laptop Backpack

If you want to keep your laptop cool in a hot car, investing in an insulated laptop backpack can be great. Backpacks with insulated interiors provide a cooler environment that doesn’t get as warm as a car’s interior.

These backpacks are very useful, especially when you need to leave your laptop in your car. In addition, they protect your laptop from water and road bumps. These backpacks can even be used to carry books, accessories, and other gadgets like smartphones and tablets.

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Nevertheless, since we are primarily concerned with keeping the laptop cool, it is important to choose the right backpack. Make sure the backpack you choose for your laptop is not colored black because black color absorbs heat.

2. Avoid direct sunlight

To keep your laptop cool without investing in an insulated laptop backpack, make sure you never leave it in direct sunlight. Park your car in the shade, such as under a tree or someplace where sunlight does not directly hit the laptop.

Alternatively, if you cannot find any natural shade, you can also use a sunshade. Sunshades prevent the sun from entering your car through the windshield, slowing down the increase in temperature inside. You can get these sunshades online.

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Also, you should use a laptop cover to protect your laptop from direct sunlight. There are so many options out there that you can choose from. As an alternative, you can even use a piece of cloth to protect your laptop from direct sunlight.

3. Keep the laptop switched off

Leaving your laptop in your car while it’s turned on will cause its temperature to rise very quickly. Devices like laptops generate enough heat on their own, so adding an external heat source is not necessary.

That being said, you should not leave your laptop in your car when it is still on. The laptop needs to be powered off. Powering off means turning the device off completely. Putting in sleep mode would not be sufficient since it will still be actively generating heat. Take your time and shut down the laptop properly before leaving it in your car.

TIP: Before starting your laptop, make sure the temperature is back to room temperature. It will improve the overall health of your laptop.

4. Remove the battery

Another important thing that you should pay attention to is the battery. One of the most vulnerable components of a laptop is the battery. They can get extremely hot very easily. Most of them are not designed to withstand high temperatures. The high heat of your car can degrade the battery’s internal circuitry, shortening the laptop’s lifespan.

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However, the problem is not all the laptops out there allow users to remove the battery. But if your one does, then you should remove it. And it would be better if you could take the battery inside your house or office. But if your laptop doesn’t allow you to do that, follow the rest of these tips.


In summer, cars get really hot. You have probably seen videos of people frying eggs on their car hoods during the summer. If you leave your laptop in the passenger seat with the air conditioner off, imagine how hot it will get.

If your laptop gets overheated, it could potentially cause damage to the internal components. It may also affect the lifespan of your laptop. Therefore, you should know how to keep laptop cool in hot car.

In this article, I have shared a few tips that will help you keep your laptop cool in a hot car. The best way to keep your laptop cool in a hot car is to put it in a cooler bag. It will keep your laptop cool and make sure that it doesn’t get damaged.

Hopefully, you liked the article. We have more articles related to laptops that you may find useful.

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