How To Clean Dust From Laptop Without Compressed Air?

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The laptop is one of the popular items on the market today. And why not? It’s comfortable to use, super easy to work with, and can be carried inside just about any bag or backpack. If you also own a laptop then you should take proper care of it.

Like other electric devices, grease and crumbs accumulate on the laptop and make the keyboard and touchpad slippery after a prolonged period of intensive use. Apart from the exterior, the interior is also very prone to dirt. Because laptops are compact, dirt easily settles into the components. As a result, the laptop becomes more unstable, slower, and gets too hot.

Therefore, cleaning a laptop regularly is very important if you want to get better performance. Also, regular cleaning can significantly extend the lifespan of a laptop and prevent several common problems.

When it comes to cleaning a laptop, people often choose to use compressed air. But, since compressed air cans are quite expensive and overusing them can damage your laptop’s internal components, I don’t recommend every people to use compressed air. Also, there are some situations when a user would not want to use compressed air.

Don’t worry, cleaning the laptop with compressed air is not the only method. There are few other methods to clean a laptop without using compressed air.

So, without further talk, let’s get started.

Using compressed air is one of the most common ways to clean dust from equipment such as desktop computers and laptops. But, despite being a convenient and fast way to clean electronics, it has several disadvantages.

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First of all, using compressed air, in some cases, leave a large amount of moisture whenever you blow something off with it, which may cause the components to corrode over time. As a result, water may build up in electronic components and cause short circuits.

how to clean dust from laptop without compressed air

Furthermore, some laptop components are quite sensitive. So when you use compressed gas at high pressure, it can damage the circuits and other important components. Even it can damage your laptop’s cooling fans. So, you should avoid using it for cleaning your laptop, at least high-pressure ones.

In an alternative to using high-pressure compressed air, some people choose to use a can of compressed air to blow the dust-out. Although they are effective, they can be quite costly since they only last for a couple of uses. In order to get your work done, you have to purchase multiple air compressor cans.

That is why people try to avoid using compressed air when it comes to cleaning an electronic product such as a laptop.

How to Clean dust from laptop without compressed air?

Here are few ways to clean dust from your laptop without compressed air.

1. Open the laptop and clean

If you want to clean your laptop thoroughly from the inside, there is no alternative to opening it and clean. By opening up your laptop, you will get access to each component. In spite of the fact that this may take some time, you won’t have to worry about cleaning your laptop for a while.

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Start with disconnecting the laptop from the power source and remove the battery. Once the laptop is completely powered off, take a screwdriver and remove the screws from the bottom. If you are not familiar with the process of opening a laptop, I recommend you go through the user manual that came with the laptop. Because, depending on the laptop model, the process can be different.

Once you have successfully opened the laptop, you might find that the interior is covered in dust. In this case, take a microfiber cloth and start cleaning the components carefully. Make sure you clean the fans and vents properly. In the end, reassemble the laptop and tighten the screws.

However, before opening the panel I would suggest you go through the instruction manual, because it may void your laptop’s warranty. And if you don’t have enough knowledge, ask a professional for help.

2. Use a silicone blower

Silicone blower is another great tool that can help you clean your laptop. Every laptop user should have this by their side. It works similarly to a compressed air can, but is less expensive. To use it, you must have strong grip strength. Therefore, it is also known as a “hand blower”.

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You squish the silicone container part and it blows air blasts. Your laptop’s interior and exterior components can be easily cleaned using pressure without needing to be touched. Nevertheless, if you don’t do it correctly, you will end up making a big mess!

Using a silicone blower is probably one of the cheapest ways to clean a laptop. You can easily get a silicone blower for under $10 on Amazon. For the sake of cleaning your electronic devices, you should definitely purchase one.

In order to get a better result, make sure to squish the container hardly. Your laptop may not be completely dust-free if the pressure is low.

3. Using a vacuum cleaner

Vacuum cleaners are an easy way to tackle dust accumulation on your laptop. Usually, vacuum cleaners are used to suck dust and dirt. But some cleaners can even be used as wind blowers. However, not all vacuum cleaners offer this feature.

If you don’t already have a vacuum cleaner, my recommendation is to purchase a lightweight cordless handheld vacuum cleaner from HERE. Small-sized vacuum cleaners are ideal for cleaning a laptop since it is easier to control and use. Before using the cleaner, make sure you removed the battery from your laptop. Also, place your laptop gently as laptops tend to crack their hinges due to improper placement.

At first, set your cleaner at low pressure. You should clean the vents and fans properly and avoid direct contact with sensitive components. If the cooling fans spin while using the vacuum cleaner, place a thin piece of wood between the blades.

This method, though less powerful than using compressed air can, will effectively clean your laptop’s interior and ensure better airflow. However, not all vacuum cleaners include this feature. So, you need to read the device’s manual book.

4. Use a hairdryer

Hairdryers are another great alternative to using compressed air when it comes to cleaning a laptop. They work in the same way as blowers. We recommend you use a small hairdryer for this process since they are easy to handle. Even they are great for dusting off all sorts of electronics.

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Before, you turn on the hairdryer, make sure the laptop is powered off completely. In order to prevent the laptop fans from excessively spinning, place something between the blades. This will help prevent damage to the bearings.

However, you should use the hairdryer carefully, because it produces hot air which can melt plastic components. Also, make sure you don’t use the hairdryer continuously.

How frequent should you clean your laptop?

In order to get the most out of your laptop, there is no alternative to cleaning it regularly. Like any other electric device, dust and debris start to accumulate on laptops. Therefore, you need to do a good cleaning whenever you notice dust building up the exterior. Normally, people clean their laptops at least once every 6 months.

Also, there are factors that determine how frequently you should clean your laptop. If you use your laptop in a cleanroom then it would rarely need to be cleaned. On the other hand, a laptop that runs in a dusty area such as a construction site would require more frequent cleaning.

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In addition, you should also clean your laptop’s internal components frequently. If you use your laptop the whole day, it is normal for your laptop fans to accumulate dust in them. And due to the compact and thin form factor of today’s laptops, dust can easily block your laptop’s internal components and cause a short circuit.

So, in order to keep your laptop clean and germ-free, you should thoroughly clean your laptop every six months. And always keep a microfiber cloth on your desk to clean the exterior frequently.


Every electronic device requires proper cleaning, and the laptop is no exception. Regular cleaning and maintenance will extend the lifespan of your laptop. Besides, overheating issues will also be relieved if you get rid of dust from your laptop. Even excessive dust can result in permanent damage to your laptop.

Using compressed air to clean electric components and equipment is very common among people but I would suggest you avoid it. I am not saying that it doesn’t work, but it has some disadvantages (discussed above). Plus, cleaning a laptop without compressed air is very easy and risk-free for beginners.

That is why in this article, I have shown you few ways to clean your laptop’s interior and exterior without requiring compressed air to be used. All the methods mentioned above have low-risk and are inexpensive.

I hope now you know how to clean dust from a laptop without compressed air.

Thanks for being with us 🙂

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