How To Prevent Laptop Hinges From Breaking?

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Electronic devices such as laptops are fragile and easily break if not handled carefully. Besides electric parts, there are other components in a laptop that can fail. Laptop components such as hinges, housing parts, and display brackets that undergo mechanical stress degrade over time.

Over time, laptop hinges often become loose or break over time, and that is one of the main problems that laptop owners face. A damaged laptop hinge may eventually put an impact on the exposed display if the problem is not addressed properly. In such a case, the screen may not display correctly. If you are also facing the same problem then you should take immediate action.

Usually, laptop hinges break due to being dropped or being hit with a big force. Even your laptop’s hinges can break if you apply too much force to open the lid because the build quality of hinges is not so durable. Over time, hinges become weak and eventually break.

A laptop becomes completely worthless when the hinges break. Because you can’t open the lid and use the laptop properly. Therefore, you should know how to prevent laptop hinges from breaking.

In this article, I am going to address few reasons why laptop hinges break and give you tips so that you can prevent laptop hinges from breaking. However, in case the hinges cannot be readjusted or are broken, they need to be replaced.

Here are few reasons why laptop hinges break:

1. Poor material quality

One of the main reasons that cause laptop hinges to be damaged is poor quality material. Budget laptops, in general, are made of cheap plastic material and the hinges are also made from cheap plastic. That’s why they are not durable enough to survive too much pressure.

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The long-term consequences of this can be very troublesome. In some cases, small accidents or shocks can wipe out the hinges entirely if they are not durable.

Due to the durability of most premium laptop hinges, the chances of damage are lower than with cheap laptops. If your laptop hinges and you are planning to buy a new laptop then make sure you check the durability before buying.

2. Putting too much pressure on the lid

Putting excessive on the laptop lid is another reason that causes hinges to be broken. It is not a good practice at all. A lot of people put books or other heavy things on their laptop lids, which can eventually break the hinges.

On top of it, if you apply too much pressure while closing the laptop screen then it may damage your laptop’s screen and hinges. Also, if you try to close your laptop screen while there are still objects above the keyboard, it will affect the laptop hinge part.

A gaming laptop or premium laptop is made to withstand these kinds of pressure, but a cheap laptop built with plastic cannot. So, slowly close your laptop and avoid putting extra weight on it.

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3. Damage at hinges

Laptop hinges are also susceptible to damage from impacts and collisions. Generally, the corner (hinge) of a laptop tends to get involved in the collision more when a laptop collides with something. That is why, when you throw it on your bed or it falls on a hard surface.

Also, laptops are subject to damage if they are hit by a heavy object, such as a rock or a heavy book. Heavy objects force the laptop hinges to hold on, which can damage them. Even when your laptop is thrown off the bed, its entire weight rests on the hinges and over time, these become weak and can break.

So, handle your laptop with care so that it remains good and durable.

4. Opening the laptop wrong

Most laptop hinges are damaged because laptops are opened through the corner of the screen, which is the wrong way to open a laptop. When you open the laptop that way, it will have a one-sided load on one of the hinges. As a result, your laptop’s hinges will get weak and may break anytime.

Another mistake that laptop owners make when opening a laptop’s lid is they apply too much pressure. You should avoid doing this and handle your laptop with care.

Also, there are some people who bend the lid excessively. Some users bend the lid to an extreme angle that the hinges and lid end up breaking.

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How To Prevent laptop hinges from breaking?

There are so many ways to prevent your laptop hinges from breaking. Here I am mentioning a few of them.

1. using a thickly padded laptop backpack

Using a laptop backpack not only helps you to carry your laptop but also prevents accidental drops or impacts to it. A laptop backpack will protect your device when closed. It is therefore advisable to invest a few dollars in a good backpack.

It is not uncommon to see people using laptop backpacks that are too loose for laptops. But you should avoid buying a loose laptop backpack. Because, when you carry your laptop in an oversized backpack, your laptop will keep moving during transport, which may put an impact on the hinges and end up damaging or breaking them.

Therefore, you should choose a thickly padded laptop backpack to prevent laptop hinges from breaking. A properly sized backpack will give your laptop more protection than a loose bag.

You don’t have a laptop backpack or planning to buy one, check these backpacks out. Also, recently we have published an article on ergonomic laptop backpacks. I recommend you to read that if you suffer from shoulder or back pain while carrying a laptop.

2. Purchase a durable laptop

In order to prevent laptop hinges from breaking, first of all, you need to identify what causes to fail. The build quality of inexpensive budget laptops is terrible. Mostly they are constructed with cheap quality plastic. As a result, hinges frequently break after a couple of years of use.

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If you also own a laptop with poor build quality then I would recommend you to not move it around. If you carry it every day, the hinges or other parts may end up breaking. Also, you should open and close the lid slowly.

However, in my opinion, it will be best for you if you purchase a new laptop that offers sturdy build quality. Normally, gaming and premium laptops are built with heavy-duty material, so they are more durable than budget laptops. Also, if you purchase a durable laptop then you can carry it with you to school, college, or office.

Below I am linking a laptop that offers great durability. Also, I have written an article on durable laptops that you should read for better knowledge.

3. Open and close your laptop properly

Nowadays, it is not uncommon to see people carrying their laptops around in a hurry. They sometimes close the laptop’s lid hardly even when there are things between the screen and keyboard.

It is a bad habit that you should not practice at all. This is one of the most genuine reasons for hinge damage.

Also, you should not apply too much force when opening the laptop. It can even damage your laptop’s hinges. Therefore, in order to avoid damaging your laptop, lift the lid slowly when opening as they are delicate and expensive to replace.

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So, open and close your laptop carefully. Also, open it from the center to avoid any kind of damage to the hinges.

4. Take care of your laptop

Taking proper care of your laptop is the most effective way to prevent your laptop’s hinges from breaking. A laptop’s performance greatly depends on how it is treated. So, use it carefully and make sure you treat your laptop gently.

I have seen many people who carry their laptops while holding the screen. So, the hinges are put under a lot of stress. Over time, hinges become weak and eventually break. That’s you should carry your laptop in a backpack for better protection and ease of travel.

In addition, if you use your laptop for studying or working, ensure that it is secured properly. If you take public transportation, you should handle it with care. Otherwise, leave it at home.

In simpler words, taking proper care of your laptop not only protects the hinges from breaking but also extends the overall lifespan of your laptop.

How long do laptop hinges last?

How well a laptop hinge lasts is largely dependent on how the user treats it and how well it is built. There was a time when hinges broke after a year or two. With the continuous advancement of technology and innovation, laptop manufacturers designing constructing their laptops with durable material.

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If you take good care of your laptop, you can expect the hinges to last between four and five years. Also, it is uncommon to see people using a laptop for more than a decade and the hinges are doing good. The reason for this is that they take proper care of their laptop.


The hinges are one of the weak parts of a laptop. And if you don’t take proper care of them they may end up breaking. Damaged laptop hinges can make your laptop useless, causing you a great deal of inconvenience and frustration.

Also, it takes a lot of skill and effort to replace hinges. The process becomes more challenging if the LCD bracket gets damaged. Plus, the manufacturer’s warranty does not cover hinges on laptops.

That is why it is better to take proper care of your laptop hinges to prevent them from breaking. In this article, I have suggested you few ways to protect your laptop’s hinges. Open and close your laptop properly and don’t put extra pressure on it. Also, use a thickly padded laptop backpack if you travel frequently with your laptop.

I hope that from now on you will take proper care of your laptop. Thanks for being with us 🙂

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