Where to Mount Baby Monitor – Complete Guideline of 2022

If you’re tired of constantly worrying about your baby, you may want to consider taking a look at a baby monitor. Baby monitors are becoming one of the essential products that new parents should buy.

Finding the best place to mount a baby monitor is the most crucial part of the whole mounting process, but most parents ignore this step. It is very important to choose a suitable place for mounting such a device for your baby’s safety and better viewing experience.

Many parents don’t realize that there are certain precautions that they must take when placing or mounting a baby monitor.

Therefore, we did some research on this topic and came up with some of the best places where you can mount your baby monitor

So, without further talk, let’s get started.

A wrongly mounted baby monitor can cause direct physical harm to your baby and it can prevent you from being able to see and hear your baby well. Therefore, the first and foremost thing that you should consider is the angle of the camera.

Choose the area that you want to monitor and try a different angle until you find one that collects everything you want to capture. But make sure that there are no obstructions or any interference with the sound and picture when choosing the area.

For newborn babies, it is recommended to choose a higher angle that will give you the full view of your sleeping child. When they get older, you should lower the angle so you can see your baby playing.

Also, when buying a baby monitor, make sure that it offers a wide-angle view so you can capture more area. Many monitor models allow to you adjust the camera angle remotely.

where to mount baby monitor

Moreover, it is recommended that the monitor remain a minimum of 3-4 feet away from the baby. You should place the monitor as far as possible, while still having a clear view and audio.

Where to Mount Baby Monitor?

Here are few places where you can mount your baby monitor –

1. Mount on Wall

Mounting your baby monitor on the wall probably the safest place for your baby. Because when mounting the monitor to the wall, your baby has less chance to touch it and break it. Also, it will provide you a complete view of the entire room and the crib.

Most of the baby monitors available in the market come with a wall-mounting option. Some of them have advanced wall mounting systems and others have a basic mounting system.

Make sure you mount the monitor perfectly that it gives you an accurate bird’s eye view of your baby’s crib and the whole nursery. I suggest you add a double face tape to secure the monitor because there’s a small chance that it will fall.

2. Table Top

If you ask me then my first choice will be to place the baby monitor on top of any table, next to the crib. Also, this is what most parents do when they got their first baby monitor.

In your baby’s room, there must be a changing table or a dresser where you can put the monitor. A changing table or dresser is high enough to have a complete view of the crib.

So, if you want a simple option to mount your baby monitor, a tabletop can be a good choice for you. But make sure that the table is far enough so that your baby can’t kick it off. It could be very dangerous for the safety of the monitor and your baby.

3. Crib Mount

Most parents decide to mount the monitor to the baby crib when they first want to install a baby monitor.

But it is not recommended to install the monitor directly over the crib. Because there’s always a small chance that it will fall or get pulled into the crib. Also, your baby can put his finger around the wire if the cables are not fully secured and cover. Moreover, your baby can also break your expensive camera.

Therefore try to avoid mounting your baby monitor to the crib. But it is possible to mount a monitor to a crib safely by taking few precautions. Don’t just rely on few adhesive strips.

4. Ceiling Mount

Mounting baby monitors on the ceiling is not a common option but if your baby’s room is squeezed then you can try this option.

There are few monitors available in the market that can be installed on the ceiling and they come with the necessary equipment. If your baby monitor doesn’t have any ceiling mount then you can purchase any ceiling mount for your baby monitor online.

You will get a complete view of the room from the ceiling.

5. On a shelf

If you don’t want to mount your baby monitor then placing your monitor on a wardrobe or tall shelf can be a reliable option for you. The shelves are high enough to give you a complete view of the room. You can also place some books under the camera to get the desired height.

Moreover, if your baby monitor lacks remote pan, tilt, and zoom features, then you can achieve these features by mounting your monitor on a shelf. It will allow you to change the position of the monitoring camera whenever needed.

Also, it is a safe place to mount your baby monitor.

6. Corner shelf mount

Corner shelf mounts can be an easy solution to mount your baby monitor. You will find many corner shelf models online that fit perfectly with baby monitors.

Moreover, corners provide wide coverage of the baby’s room. Also, this specific position is high enough to be safe and out of your baby’s reach. So, if you are looking for an easy solution, you can try this one.

Why should you avoid mounting a baby monitor on the crib?

where to mount baby monitor

If you don’t know, according to U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), since 2002, there have been 7 deaths and 3 injuries from baby monitor cables. That’s it is always recommended to avoid mounting your baby monitor on your baby’s crib.

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You can use wireless baby monitors. But if you don’t have the of using a wireless baby monitor, then make sure that the baby monitor is at least 3ft away from the baby and cables are completely covered and secured.

Wireless baby monitors emit a small amount of radiation like any other electric device. But according to World Health Organization (WHO), there is no convincing evidence that wireless networks cause negative health effects. So, you should always keep your monitor as far as possible.

things to consider when mounting a baby monitor-

If your baby monitor is not placed properly then it will prevent you from being able to monitor your baby well. Therefore, when mounting a baby monitor you need to consider few key points.

Here are few things to watch out for when mounting a baby monitor camera –

1. Don't place the monitor too close to your baby

The baby monitor should not be in your baby’s reach. Try to keep the monitor at least 3-5 ft away from your baby. Mounting your baby monitor on a wall or putting it on top of a shelf can be a good option.

Readjust the position of the monitor as your baby grows.

2. Secure loose wires and cables

Loose wires can be dangerous for your baby. There have been reports of deaths and injuries caused by loose monitor cables left within the baby’s reach. Therefore, make sure every wire and cable are covered and secured away from your baby to prevent this risk.

You can use a cable cover to hide the cables or buy a wireless baby monitor.

3. Make sure you can hear your baby

When choosing a spot to place your baby monitor, check you can easily hear your baby through the receiver or monitor. When you are working, you are not going to always look at the monitor. That’s why sound is very important.

Find the best baby monitor that comes with good sound quality.

4. Ensure you can clearly see your baby

Before placing your monitor anywhere, ensure you can clearly see your baby. Recheck the angle of the camera and make sure it gives you an unobstructed view of your baby. Try to capture the whole room with the camera to predict your baby’s next move.

Also, there are many baby monitors with good picture quality available in the market that provide sharp and clear image quality.

5. Place the monitor on a plane and stable surface

Placing the monitor on a stable surface will ensure it stays upright.

Also, your monitor can fall and break if you place your monitor in an unstable position. Therefore, make sure you always place your baby monitor on a plain surface and far enough from your baby’s reach.


When it comes to “where to mount baby monitor cameras?“, you should always consider a wide range of considerations.

In this article, I suggested you few places where you can mount your baby monitor and always have a clear view of your little one. You can try any of the places that I have recommended. But be careful if you are going to mount your baby monitor on the crib.

Mounting your monitor on a crib can be very dangerous and harmful sometimes. Therefore, try to avoid this place. But if you have taken the necessary precautions then it is possible to mount a monitor to a crib safely.

Hopefully, this article will guide you to the best place where you should mount your baby monitor. Thanks for being with us:)

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