5 Strange Reasons Why Cats Like Keyboards (It’s Not Normal)

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Cats are always very curious. They want to know what we are doing and love being close to us. If you own a cat, you’ve probably noticed that it likes to perch on your keyboard while you work. No matter how many times you try to shoo it away, it always seems to come back.

While many owners find this behavior cute and amusing, it can actually be quite frustrating. After all, it’s hard to type when there’s a cat in the way. Also, cats can damage keyboards by scratching the keys or knocking things over. So why do cats like keyboards?

There are a few possible explanations. First, keyboards are warm. Cats are attracted to warmth, so your keyboard is probably pretty comfortable. Not only that, cats sit on keyboards because they provide a good vantage point. From their perch, they can watch everything that’s going on around them.

In this article, I will discuss why cats like to sit on keyboards and offer tips on how to keep them off your keyboard if you want to.

Here are 5 reasons that I have found:

1. Cats are curious by nature

5 Strange Reasons Why Cats Like Keyboards (It's Not Normal)

Cats are, by nature, very curious creatures. They love to explore their surroundings, and one of the ways they do this is by taking an interest in what’s going on around them. This includes investigating anything that looks or smells interesting – including keyboards.

When cats watch you type away on your keyboard, they may be trying to figure out exactly what you’re doing. As a result, they may start to associate typing with something interesting happening (i.e., you getting up and doing something else) and want to investigate further.

Also, since most keyboards make a slight noise when they’re being used, this may also be something that attracts a cat’s attention.

2. The keys are fun to scratch and play with

Cats love to scratch anything they get their paws on because it feels good. The scratching motion is a natural habit for cats and is part of their daily routine of grooming themselves. It helps them remove the dead skin cells from their claws and leaves behind their scent, which tells other cats that this territory belongs to them.

The keys of a keyboard are a perfect size and shape for a cat to scratch, so it’s no wonder they’re so attracted to them. Plus, since the keys make a little noise when they’re being scratched, this only adds to the appeal for some kitties.

Therefore, you will find that if you have a keyboard within your cat’s reach, they will likely start to scratch the keys, play with it, and sit on it – especially if you’re not using it at the moment.

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3. They want your attention

Pets, in general, love attention from their owners. They want to be around you and feel like they’re part of the family. For cats, this often means sitting on or near anything you’re using at the moment – whether it’s your laptop, tablet, or keyboard.

By doing this, they’re getting closer to you physically and trying to catch your attention so that you’ll pet them or spend time with them. So if your cat likes to sit on your keyboard while you’re working, it’s likely because they just want to be near you.

Also, sitting on top of or near something you’re using can also be a way for cats to assert dominance. By claiming your keyboard as their own, they’re essentially saying that they’re the boss and you need to pay attention to them.

4. The keyboard is a warm place to rest

5 Strange Reasons Why Cats Like Keyboards (It's Not Normal)

Cats love anything that’s warm, so it’s not surprising that they’re drawn to keyboards. After all, laptops and computers generate heat, making the keyboard an ideal spot for a cat to nap.

Since most people use their computers during the day, the keyboard is usually in a sunny spot – another factor that makes it appealing to cats. They can just lay down and soak up all the warmth while they take a little break.

So, if your cat likes to lounge on your keyboard, it’s probably because they find it to be a cozy and comfortable spot.

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5. Cats like to be in high places

5 Strange Reasons Why Cats Like Keyboards (It's Not Normal)

One of the reasons cats like to sit on top keyboards is because they feel more secure when they’re up high. By perching on your keyboard, they can keep an eye on their surroundings and feel like they’re in control.

Additionally, being in a high place gives them a better vantage point to spot potential threats or prey. Plus, it’s just fun for them to be up high where they can see everything going on. Therefore, if your cat likes to sit on your keyboard, it’s likely because they feel safe and secure when they’re up there.

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6. Scents from computers attract cats

Cats get attracted to scents from keyboards because they have a strong sense of smell. The aroma of the keyboard is often unfamiliar to them, so they are naturally curious and drawn to it.

Additionally, cats are predators and like to explore their environment to find potential prey. The scent of a keyboard may remind them of an animal or something else they’ve hunted in the past, so they’re drawn to it.

Whatever the reason may be, the fact is that cats are attracted to the scent of keyboards and will often rub their face on them or sit on them in order to mark their territory.

3 Tips to keep your cat off your keyboard

Now, you may wonder how to keep your cat off your keyboard since they seem so attracted to it. There are a few things that you can do in order to keep your cat away from your keyboard.

1. Give your cat a more comfortable place to rest

5 Strange Reasons Why Cats Like Keyboards (It's Not Normal)

If your cat has a comfortable place to sit, they will be less likely to want to jump on your keyboard. So, you can prevent your cat from sitting on your keyboard by giving them a cat bed or some other type of comfortable spot they can call their own.

If your cat feels safe and comfortable near you, then you should place the bed next to your desk so they can be close to you while they rest.

2. Distract your cat with toys

Cats love toys. They love to play and stalk and pounce on their prey. You can easily keep your cat away from your keyboard by giving them a toy to play with.

The best toys for cats are the ones that mimic the movements and sounds of their natural prey. Feathers on a stick, for example, are a great toy for cats. They can chase the feathers around and pounce on them, simulating the hunting experience.

3. Give your cat attention

It is often possible to trace a cat’s natural tendencies and behaviors back to its interactions with its owner. For example, if a cat is allowed to roam free and has a lot of access to the outdoors, it will likely be more active and playful than a cat that spends most of its time indoors.

Similarly, if a cat is neglected and doesn’t receive proper attention from its owner, it may start acting out in unwanted ways, such as sitting on your keyboard. In order to prevent this from happening, it’s important to give your cat the attention it needs and deserves.

Make sure to spend some time playing with your cat every day. This will help to tire them out and make them less likely to want to jump on your keyboard. Additionally, it will strengthen the bond between you and your cat, making them more likely to listen to you when you tell them not to sit on your keyboard.

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Is it OK for my cat to sleep on my keyboard?

Cats are known to be curious creatures and often want to be involved in whatever their humans are doing. While it can be charming to have your cat curled up next to you while you’re working, it’s not so great when they decide to use your keyboard as a napping spot.

But, there is no need to worry if your cat falls asleep on your keyboard from time to time. It’s not harmful to them, and they will likely move off of the keyboard on their own when they’re ready to wake up.

However, if your cat is sleeping on your keyboard frequently, it can damage the keyboard keys. In addition to damaging the keys, cats can also introduce unwanted hair and dirt into the equation. So, if you’re working from home and find your cat sitting on your keyboard, it’s best to move them to another spot gently. Otherwise, you might end up with a deleted document or two.

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Final thoughts

Cats always land on their feet and are quite curious by nature. So when they see something new and different, like a keyboard, they just can’t help but investigate it.

Plus, cats love to be up high so they can survey their kingdom. Keyboards provide the perfect perch for them to do just that. Therefore, you will often see your cat lounging atop your keyboard, getting in the way of your work. But that’s just part of owning a cat!

In this article, I have talked about four more reasons why cats like keyboards. I hope you have enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Thank you for your time!

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