Why Should You Get an External Keyboard for Your Laptop?

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Laptops are great for portability, but they have one big disadvantage: their keyboards. If you do a lot of typing, you know how uncomfortable it can be to use a laptop keyboard. For example, the keys are small and close together, making it easy to make mistakes. And if you’re working on a long document, your wrists can start to hurt from all the typing.

However, an external keyboard can solve all these problems. It is larger and more comfortable to type on, so you can avoid mistakes. And since it’s separate from the laptop, you can position the screen however you want. That means you can find a more comfortable position for your neck and shoulders.

So, if you want to get a better working experience, then getting an external keyboard can be a great option.

For a more detailed answer, in this article, I will introduce seven reasons you should get an external keyboard for your laptop. Keep reading the article to the end.

Here are a few reasons why you should get an external keyboard for laptop:

1. More comfortable typing experience

One of the main advantages of using an external keyboard with a laptop is that it provides a more comfortable typing experience. If you are not used to typing for longer hours on the flat keyboards of laptops, then it can cause pain to your hands. Plus, the small keys can also be uncomfortable and hard to press.

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On the other hand, an external keyboard comes with bigger and well-spaced keys that make it easier to type. Also, the keys are raised up a bit, making it easy to press them. This way, you can type for longer hours without feeling any pain in your hands, eventually increasing your productivity.

Also, With limitless combinations and modifications for the switches, and keycaps, you can customize your external keyboard’s feel to your preferences.

2. Reduce typing mistakes

Although the low-profile keys of laptops feel satisfying while typing, they can actually cause more mistakes than regular-sized keys, this is because the keys are so close together that it’s easy to hit the wrong one.

Also, while using a laptop keyboard, it is not unusual for your palm to brush the trackpad and move the cursor or click. For example, you may be typing away, and suddenly the cursor jumps to another location, or you accidentally click on something. This can be frustrating and cause you to lose your train of thought.

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An external keyboard eliminates this problem by moving the trackpad out of the way. And the keys on external keyboards are spaced out further apart, making it less likely that you’ll make a mistake.

3. Flexibility in screen positioning

When using a laptop’s built-in keyboard, you won’t be able to adjust it to your preferences, which results in unnatural typing posture and causes neck and shoulder pain. Also, the angle at which you have to look at the screen is fixed, which can cause eye strain.

On the other hand, with an external keyboard, you can adjust it to a position that suits you best. For example, you can raise the keyboard so that it’s at a comfortable typing angle or lower the screen so that your neck is in a more natural position.

In addition, experts say you should keep your laptop screen at least one arm’s length away from your body, which is not possible when you use the built-in keyboard. But with an external keyboard, you can easily place the laptop screen at a distance that is comfortable for you.

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So, using an external keyboard allows you to type for longer periods without experiencing discomfort.

4. Various options to choose from

It is fairly common for laptops to include chiclet-style low-profile keys, which some users find boring since there are a few options to choose from.

However, this is not the case with external keyboards. You can find a variety of external keyboards that come in different sizes and shapes. You can choose the one that best suits your needs.

For instance, if you’re looking for a keyboard with a more traditional feel, you can choose one with mechanical keys. Or, if you want something slimmer and lighter, plenty of options are available. And if you’re willing to spend a little more, you can even find ergonomic keyboards designed to reduce strain on your hands and wrists.

5. Easier to clean

Laptops are generally used on the go, which means they’re more likely to get dirty than desktop computers. For example, you may use your laptop on the couch, in bed, or even on the floor. Also, some people eat food and drink while using their laptops.

This can result in a build-up of dust, crumbs, and other debris on the keyboard. Over time, this can make the keys harder to press and eventually lead to laptop performance problems. So, you have to clean your laptop keyboard quite often.

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But, cleaning a laptop keyboard can be difficult since the keys are so close together. You may accidentally damage the keyboard by poking something into a hole or spraying cleaner directly onto the keys.

On the other hand, external keyboards are much easier to clean. You can simply unplug them and use a can of compressed air to remove any dust or debris that’s accumulated over time.

6. Your fingertips won’t get as hot

Your laptop components can easily get overheated when you use the laptop for a long. And the heat generated by these components can build up under the keyboard and make it quite hot to the touch because the built-in keyboard is located close to the processor and other heat-generating components.

This can be very uncomfortable to your fingertips, especially if you’re typing for long periods. It can also cause permanent damage to the delicate skin on your hands.

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But, if you use an external keyboard, you don’t have to worry about this problem since the keyboard is not located near the heat-generating components.

7. You get access to several additional features

As laptops are designed primarily for portability, the keyboard doesn’t always come with additional features.

But, if you use an external keyboard, you can get access to all of these features and more. For instance, some external keyboards come with a trackpad, which can be very convenient if you’re using your laptop on the go.

Others come with dedicated media keys that allow you to control the volume or playback of music and videos without having to use the keyboard shortcuts.

And, if you want a more gaming-oriented experience, there are even external keyboards that come with programmable keys and backlit keys. The backlit keys can be very helpful in low-light conditions.

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Laptops are quickly becoming the most popular computer option for consumers and professionals alike, but what about their keyboards? A laptop keyboard may not provide all of the same features or functionality as a regular keyboard.

For example, if you are used to the standard desktop keyboards, then you may not find the laptop keyboards comfortable for typing. Also, the keys are often smaller and closer together, making it difficult to type quickly or accurately.

An external keyboard can provide you with a more comfortable typing experience, reduce your chances of making mistakes and give you more flexibility in terms of screen positioning. You can also choose from various sizes and shapes to find one that best suits your needs, and they’re easier to clean than the average keyboard.

So, if you’re looking for a better typing experience, an external keyboard is the way to go. Thanks for reading!

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