How to Remove Vivint Doorbell Camera from Wall

So, you want to get rid of your Vivint security camera, but don’t know how to do it, right? If yes, then this article is for you.

There are many reasons when a user wants to remove his doorbell camera from the wall. The occasion can be house renovation, changing the doorbell’s position, moving to a new house, or replacing the camera with another one.

But most of the homeowners don’t know how to remove Vivint doorbell camera from wall. They often get stuck in the middle of the process and sometimes even break the doorbell camera.

Therefore, it is very important to know the best way to remove it. The camera has been built in a way so that anyone can transfer or remove it very easily.

That’s why in this article I am going to explain to you the full process of removing the Vivint doorbell camera from the wall without damaging the internal circuit. 

So, without further talk let’s get started –

1. Get Your materials

Before getting started with the procedure, carry the required tools first, such as – 

  • a screwdriver 
  • a tester 
  • a pair of gloves

Try to choose the correct tool for the process, because it would make the work lot easier and help you remove the kit in a few minutes.

2. Turn off the whole system

how to remove vivint doorbell camera from wall

First of all, turn the Vivint smart home system off, because the system is connected to the sensors that protect it from the thief. Whenever anyone touches the doorbell camera, its intelligent system triggers an alarm that produces continuous sound.

Therefore, make sure you disabled the system first using the Vivint smartphone application. Check all the settings carefully and make sure you have disconnected the system correctly. Once you are done, you can move on to the next step.

Also, it would be better if you let your family members know that you are performing the task to avoid confusion.

3. Disconnect it from the power source

It is very important to disconnect the system from the power source for safety. Switch off the power source and unplug the course. Keep all the wires aside from you. Otherwise, they will disturb you during work.

Don’t touch any live wires or electric board bare-handed. Put on a pair of gloves. Because if you accidentally touch or hold any live wire during the process, it can be life-threatening.

4. Remove the cover

After you disconnect the system from the power source, now reach to the doorbell camera and double-check if there is any direct current to the circuit using the tester.

If you don’t know what a tester does, then it detects any power running in the application. If the light in the tester blinks, it means that there is a current running in the application. There are high chances that even if you disconnect the application from the power source, the electricity is still flowing.

Therefore, make sure there is no electricity flowing in the system using the tester.

If everything goes right, remove the screw of the doorbell cover using the screwdriver and pull it out. Keep it aside in a safe place to avoid any accidental damage.

5. Detach wires

Once you remove the cover, you will find two sets of wires inside. Use your screwdriver to detach these two wires gently. Keep the screws aside.

6. Remove the mounting bracket

In the next step, you have to remove the doorbell bracket from the wall. To remove the bracket, you have to remove the screws. Once the screws are removed, the bracket will get detached from the wall easily. Keep the bracket aside in a safe place if you want to reassemble the panel again after your work is done.

7. Secure the wires

After removing the backplate from the wall, you will see a small hole in the wall and two wires coming out of it. You can secure these cables with tape. Also, if you want to remove these wires, gently pull them. But make sure you don’t touch the wires bare-handed.

8. Reassemble the doorbell

So, you have successfully removed the Vivint doorbell camera from the wall. Now it will be best if you reassemble the whole doorbell so that any parts of it don’t get lost.

Attach all the screws and put the cover on the top of the plate and attach it. Now fix it to the place by replacing the top screw.

How to install vivint doorbell camera?

If you want any other doorbell camera on that place, then follow these steps –

1. Attach mounting bracket

So, now your wall only has the hole with the two doorbell wires hanging out. This is the place where your old doorbell used to be.

Before mounting your new doorbell’s mounting bracket adjust the position of the bracket and make sure you are getting the angle you want. You can use the smartphone application for this task. If the angle is not perfect, then tilt the camera up, down, left or right.

Once you adjusted the mounting bracket, attach it to the wall first by screwing it in.

2. Attach doorbell wires

Now slowly loosen the two screws on the mounting bracket with a screwdriver. Then, take the two wires and wrap one around each screw. Make sure you attached the wires correctly and they aren’t touching. Then tighten the screws gently with the screwdriver if needed.

3. Mount the doorbell

Double-check all the connections and instruments before mounting the doorbell. If everything looks OK, position your doorbell just above the bracket and press in and down until it clicks into place. Use a little bit of force on this step if needed.

4. Restore the power source

Now restore power to make your doorbell live. Go ahead and test it out and make sure that everything is working fine.

If everything seems good, screw the two security screws into the faceplate using your screwdriver.

5. Set Up the mobile app

Congratulations! you have successfully mounted your doorbell camera on the wall.

Now use the app that your doorbell support and play with features. Test motion detection, night vision, notification modes, sensors, and other features.


So, now you know how to remove the Vivint doorbell camera from wall. We also showed you how you can install another doorbell camera in that place.

Vivint doorbell cameras are very easy to use, even if you are not a tech-savvy guy. It maintains the security of your home and office. Once you installed the system, it protects your house 24×7. If the camera tracks any unusual event, it will directly notify you with the message. Plus, no one will not attempt any illegal activity in front of your house after seeing the doorbell camera.

Besides these excellent features, the Vivint doorbell camera can be easily removed by following some easy and simple instructions.

If you can’t remove the doorbell yourself, then it is recommended to take the help of an expert who will visit your location to remove the system.

Hopefully, you got all the required information from this article. Thanks for being with us 🙂

Samuel Anali

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