Chiclet VS Mechanical Keyboard: Which One Is Better?

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Chiclet VS Mechanical Keyboard – Which one is better” – This is a question that has been popping up on forums and Reddit for several years now. Some say chiclet keyboards are the best, while others say mechanical keyboards are the best. What do you think?

There are many shopping options available when it comes to keyboards. The keyboards available on the market are made of different materials, and they have additional features. And two of the most common and popular types of keyboards are chiclet and mechanical keyboards.

Chiclet keyboards are pretty similar to membrane keyboards. They are famous for their silent performance and low price. While on the other hand, mechanical keyboards are renowned for their comfortability and sturdy build quality.

In simple words, both have their advantages and disadvantages. One may offer durability and precision, while the other provides a quieter and value-for-money alternative. It depends totally upon your requirements and preferences.

Today, in this article we will be helping you to decide which keyboard you should consider.

So, without further talk, let’s get started.

What is a mechanical keyboard?

A mechanical keyboard is a keyboard with mechanical switches that substitute the regular raised lettering style of keys with a more straightforward, more tactile, and less noisy mechanical feel. While this may sound a bit complicated, mechanical keyboards are pretty simple, and they can be built in several different ways.

The majority of mechanical keyboards out there are built with Cherry MX switches, which are linear switches with a little bit of weight. These switches are quite different from traditional computer keyboard switches.

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mechanical keyboard

Mechanical keyboards are getting a lot more attention these days because of their satisfying feel and durable build quality. Each time you press any key, you feel and hear the clicking. Unlike traditional keyboards, mechanical keyboards can register multiple keys pressing simultaneously thanks to their Rollover function. Therefore, coders also choose these keyboards.

On top of it, almost all the mechanical keyboards out there come with removable keycaps, allowing users to customize their keyboards according to their preferences. But not all the mechanical keycaps are universal.

As for the switches, you will mostly find three types of switches on mechanical keyboards: Linear, Tactile, and Clicky switches.

Moreover, gaming mechanical keyboards come with some extra advantages, such as RGB lighting, additional buttons, onboard memory, and other unique features. However, all these features cost some extra money too. If you compare to regular keyboards, then mechanical keyboards are more expensive.

Pros of Mechanical Keyboards

A good mechanical keyboard is typically a sturdy keyboard that can last for decades. Mechanical keyboards are great because they are fast, responsive, and precise. Among so many advantages of mechanical keyboards, here are a few of them –

1. Easy Maintenance

Cleaning and maintaining a mechanical keyboard is much straightforward than a regular keyboard. You have full access to the switches by removing all the keycaps with a keycap puller. You can use any dry microfiber cloth to clean underneath the keycaps or compressed air to blow dust.

Also, you can wash your keycaps whenever you want or replace them with new ones when they get dirty.

2. Durability

Mechanical keyboards are always known for their durability, and they don’t wear out quickly. These keyboards are designed to survive a lot of heavy typing sessions without breaking them down. Mechanical keyboard keys hardly clatter or get stuck, providing you the feel of a new keyboard for much longer than any traditional keyboard.

3. Removable Keys

Another considerable advantage of mechanical keyboards is that they come with removable keys, which means you can easily remove those keys and customize your keyboard according to your setup theme. Also, removable keys allow you to replace them when they get dirty.

4. Long Lifespan

Since mechanical keyboards are built with heavy-duty materials, they take longer than regular keyboards to pass out. They are specially designed to last longer and survive intensive usage. A good mechanical keyboard can last up to 70 million keypresses. Comparatively, chiclet keyboards can withstand only around 5 million presses.

5. Tactile Feedback

Most typists or gamers choose mechanical keyboards just because of their unparalleled tactile feedback and essential travel. The tactile feedback lets you feel that the letter you just pressed is registered and makes your finger travel faster. It helps gamers and typists to reduce the number of errors they made while fast typing sessions.

Cons of mechanical keyboards

There are few disadvantages of mechanical keyboards that you should consider before you add a mechanical keyboard to your computer setup –

1. Expensive

The first drawback of mechanical keyboards that you may want to consider is that they can be costly. Mechanical keyboards are usually pricier than regular keyboards because they offer you lots of additional features and are built with sturdy materials. They are also, being more comfortable and longer-lifespan than any traditional keyboard, come at a price.

2. Noisy

Due to the switch mechanism of mechanical keyboards, they can be very noisy and feel like a typewriter machine. Many people enjoy this sound, but sometimes it can be very distracting when you are with other people or talking on a microphone. But, not all mechanical keyboards are noisy, and you choose a silent mechanical keyboard if sound irritates you.

3. Heavy Weight

If you are a frequent traveler who typically likes to carry his keyboard, then a mechanical keyboard is not for you. Due to mechanical keyboards’ sturdier design, it isn’t easy to carry them.

Chiclet Keyboard

What is a chiclet keyboard?

Chiclet keyboards are the most common alternative keyboard used in computers and laptops. Chiclet keyboards are also referred to as island keyboards. The chiclet keyboards are also known as chewing gum keyboards because of their small, flat rectangular-shaped keys with rounded corners that look like “Chiclets,” an American chewing gum brand.

Chiclet keyboards are quite similar to membrane keyboards, and actually, they are built using the same mechanism as membrane keyboards. In many cases, the keys of chiclet keyboards are designed following the same principle of a single rubber sheet with individual electrical switches under each key.

chiclet keyboard

Moreover, this type of keyboard comes with slightly larger keys so that the user doesn’t hit the wrong keys accidentally. Therefore, chiclet keyboards are one of the best at helping the average person type faster and switch between different applications more quickly. But, most of the chiclet keyboards don’t have texture to guide the fingers while typing, which sometimes may cause slower typing speed.

The super-flat design of these keyboards makes them a viable option for daily usage. Also, due to the short stroke of the keys, chiclet keyboards can prevent tactile feedback, which makes them less noisy than mechanical keyboards. Beside, You can choose these keyboards to prevent tennis elbow.

Furthermore, chiclet keyboards are designed way lighter and thinner than mechanical keyboards, which allows you to use them where ever you are, and anywhere you go. A chiclet keyboard is lightweight enough to pack into a backpack, and it doesn’t weigh you down or take too much from your body.

Pros of Chiclet Keyboards

Chiclet keyboards are mostly liked for their relatively quiet sound. Here are some of the benefits of chiclet keyboards –

1. Silent

When it comes to sound production, chiclet keyboards are much better than mechanical keyboards. Thanks to the short stroke of keys, chiclet keyboards stay quiet, even during high-intensive typing. If you work in an open office where the noise level needs to be kept at a minimum, you should pick a chiclet keyboard.

2. Less Expensive

Most chiclet keyboards are not constructed from heavy-duty materials, which makes them more affordable than mechanical keyboards. Also, it is very easy to find a chiclet keyboard under budget because they are much more common.

3. Lightweight

Chiclet keyboards are mostly built with light materials, like plastic, making them lighter and thinner than mechanical keyboards. If you are used to putting your keyboard on your lap while working, a chiclet keyboard will be the best choice for you.

4. Travel Friendly

When it comes to portability and size, chiclet keyboards are more compact and portable than any mechanical keyboard. These keyboards are lightweight enough to carry anywhere you want. If you are a frequent traveler or a freelancer who has to satisfy his boss during traveling, carrying a chiclet keyboard in the backpack can be the best option.

Cons of Chiclet keyboards

There are also some disadvantages of chiclet keyboards that you should note before making any decision.

1. Hard to clean

Cleaning and maintaining a chiclet keyboard is quite challenging. If your chiclet keyboard starts accumulating dust underneath the keycaps, it is next to impossible to clean it. The keys of chiclet keyboards often don’t allow you to remove them and clean the keyboard thoroughly. So, if you try cleaning your chiclet keyboard, then there is a high chance that you will end up breaking or damaging the keyboard.

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2. Not for heavy use

Chiclet keyboards are not sturdy enough to survive intensive heavy use. Also, the keys and components of a chiclet keyboard are mostly constructed with cheap and common materials. Therefore, continuous heavy tasking can break or damage your chiclet keyboard.

3. Not for professional gaming

For casual gaming, chiclet keyboards will work fine, but for professional competitive gaming, they are not recommended at all. Chiclet keyboards cannot register so many key presses at a time and may cause ghosting in games. In competitive gaming, you need to react fast, but a chiclet keyboard cannot execute the action fast enough for competitive gaming. Therefore, it is not recommended to use a chiclet keyboard for professional gaming.

Why mechanical keyboard for gaming?

Most gamers prefer to go with mechanical keyboards when it comes to gaming because mechanical keyboards are durable enough to survive heavy intensive usage.

One of the reasons gamers find mechanical keyboards better than chiclet keyboards is because of the tactile feedback you get from pressing the key. The clicking sound ensures that you just have pressed a key and it has been registered. On the other hand, chiclet keyboards are quieter than mechanical keyboards because the keys are press down on a membrane layer, reducing the chick feedback.

Another reason that makes mechanical keyboards better for gaming is the N-Key rollover feature. The N-Key rollover feature is responsible for registering multiple key presses at the same time. Most mechanical keyboards come with this feature, allowing you to press more keys simultaneously.

Also, mechanical keyboards come with so many customizable options that attract gamers. You can customize your mechanical keyboard’s lightings, switches, and keycaps according to your gaming setup theme.

Chiclet VS Mechanical Keyboard: Which Is Better?

The answer to this question depends upon your personal preferences. If you want a keyboard in your budget for casual daily use, a chiclet keyboard will be more than enough for you. Also, if you value fast typing and lightweight, then a chiclet keyboard will do just fine.

But, for intensive heavy usage, mechanical keyboards are highly recommended. Mechanical keyboards are designed to survive for longer than any ordinary keyboard, and build quality wise they are durable. However, mechanical keyboards also have their disadvantages.

So, both keyboards have their advantages and disadvantages. This is a matter of your requirements and user preferences.

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The keyboard is a small piece of hardware used to input text on computer screens. There are so many different types of keyboards available out there. The chiclet keyboard and mechanical keyboard are two of the most common and popular keyboard types out there.

If you are into keyboards, you may know that there is a common dispute on the internet: chiclet vs mechanical keyboard – which one is better?

The usual answer to this argument is – “It depends upon your preferences.” But if you compare these two types of the keyboard, then you will agree that mechanical keyboards are superior to any aspect to the chiclet ones without any doubt.

Still, there are many situations when a mechanical keyboard will not perform well. Therefore, we answered the question in this article with great detail to establish the difference between mechanical and chiclet keyboards.

Hopefully, you got all the information that you require from this article.

Thanks for being with us 🙂

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